Dirty Grandpa (2016)

home_key_artJanuary 2016   Ι   1h 42min   Ι  Dan Mazer

Jason has to take his grandpa to Florida during spring break, right before his wedding, and he sees a side of his grandpa that he never knew existed. Now Jason has to survive the week with his grandpa and he might even find himself along the way. 

Is it just me that is having a hard time seeing Zac Efron as a perfect, hard-working husband with fancy clothes? It just feels wrong, and apparently the filmmakers thought that too because that man took a real character turn. I did however like the change. One character that did not go through that big of a change was the lovely grandpa Dick Kelly, played by Robert De Niro. That man is a legend and his character was so hilarious. This movie was so awkward and so funny and Zac Efron and Robert De Niro were brilliant.

The actual problem I had with this movie was that it felt so wrong with a grandpa hitting on a young girl that could be his grandchild. I do get that it’s suppose to be a funny detail about the movie but it felt so wrong. Kind of made me enjoy the movie less but I did find it to be hilarious sometimes as well. The movie is overall very humorous and eventful. The environment is also beautiful and the cast pretty spot on. I guess the thing that made me give this movie a lower rating was because of some really awkward scenes, but other than that I would say the movie is worth watching (not for children though).

My rating: 6/10 👴



Nerve (2016)

nerve-posterJuly 2016   Ι   1h 36min   Ι   Henry Joost Ariel Schulman

Vee is a high school student who likes a quiet life but when she one day decides to be a part of the online game truth or dare, her life dramatically changes. She meets Ian, another player, and together they do crazy dares. However, the longer they play the more insane the dares becomes, and Vee must play to the end. 

This movie is so cool! The whole idea is genius and it’s also very relatable in one way or another. I really like that the main character Vee actually has a motive to why she is playing, not that she is just doing crazy stuff for fun. It makes us want to follow her and hope that she will succeed. The other main character Ian on the other hand is quite a question mark but that is also very  interesting because I wanted to know more about him and continue watching. I actually really enjoy it when we know a lot about one character and the other one is a mystery. Also have to say that Dave Franco and Emma Roberts are amazing and they were brilliant in this movie.

Unfortunately I can not say how accurate the movie was compared to the book but I know my friend, who has both seen the movie and read the book, really enjoyed both. It actually makes me a bit eager to read the book. The story just caught my attention so much and it was really enjoyable and eventful to watch. There were some characters I would have wanted to see more of, like her mother and Tommy but I guess there would have been too many characters in focus if they were a bigger part of the movie. Other than that I don’t really have much more to say. It was an entertaining movie, and that is all I’m asking for. Never hurts that Dave Franco is the main character either.

My rating: 7,7/10 📱


The Choice (2016)

the-choice-movieFebruary 2016   Ι   1h 51min   Ι   Ross Katz

Travis has never found the love of his life, until a lovely but feisty girl moves in next door. It might not have been love at first sight but it sure blossom out to something perfect. 

If you know me I’m the person who loves these romantic movies but hate them at the same time. I mean, it’s such a beautiful movie but I do not like to cry, and then cry a little more. This is such a beautiful movie though and the funny part is also that it’s not a very sad movie. The two main characters Travis and Gabby are really interesting to follow actually, and they both felt very different compared to other characters in these types of movies. I do however have to say that I didn’t enjoy the character Travis very much. The actor Benjamin Walker is really good but to me Travis was way too manipulative. Gabby on the other hand was really cool and I did like her, most of the time.

The Choice is however quite predictable and even though it can be nice to know all the good things that is going to happen, I still miss the excitement. Not a super eventful movie either but it’s still a beautiful love story and the movie was very coherent as well. Dear John and The Notebook are still two of my favorites, and it’s probably going to be very difficult to beat them but this one climbs high on my list. I do think it’s worth watching because the movie has a beautiful environment, great cast (amongst them the previous Superman Tom Welling) and a gorgeous story. Watch it, but bring tissues.

My rating: 6,8/10 🐚


Daddy’s Home (2015)

daddys-home-movie-wallpapers-3December 2015   Ι   1h 36min   Ι   Sean Anders

Brad is the step dad who loves his family and just wants his stepchildren to love him as well. However, when their real father reappears, Brad has to put up a fight to show them that he is the best one. It’s a fight between the dad and the step dad, but the only problem is that it might affect the one closest to them. 

If you ever want a fun movie or something to cheer you up when you’re feeling down you should just search for Will Ferrell. That man really knows comedy and I always laugh, no matter who he plays. He did a fantastic job in this movie as well. I did indeed laugh. Mark Wahlberg is also one of the main characters in Daddy’s Home and he did a surprisingly good job. Okay now I’m a bit mean, but Mark and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. Sometimes he’s great and sometimes I don’t enjoy his acting at all. The casting was actually really good though and I think that had a huge impact on the movie.

I feel like the movie had some really funny parts and some tedious ones. Like in many comedy movies it can reach a certain level where it just feels really unrealistic and excessive, and that was the motorcycle scene with Will Ferrell in my opinion. Other than that I have to say that the movie was really funny and so chill to watch. Of course it was some forced humor as well but it was barely noticeable. I would really recommend you to watch the movie if you haven’t, especially if you’re feeling down.

My rating: 7/10 👨


American Cinema VS Swedish Cinema


I really don’t know why but I imagine that every cinema is different depending on which country you’re in. Like, Renate how can you actually make a cinema different in every country? So you can imagine that the Swedish cinema was pretty similar to the American one, or at least the one I went to. The only thing that was different was basically the price and the food. The fact that they have nachos with cheese is just awesome because we only have the most basic stuff in Sweden (where I’m from). It is also a lot more expensive to go to the cinema in Sweden, so I will hopefully be able to see more movies here (or maybe not since I’m a poor student).

Going to this cinema actually made me think of Sweden a little and that was really nice. I do however love the ticket booths they have here, it’s just like in the movies and tv-series from America.

Conclusion of this post: Sweden and America have really similar cinemas, haha I bet you all knew that already.


The Accountant (2016)

the-accountant-correctOctober 2016   Ι   2h 8min   Ι   Gavin O’Connor

Chris Wolff is an accountant and he has been struggling with autism throughout his whole life, but he is also extremely clever. He’s doing work for criminal and terrorist enterprises and now the police are looking for the one called “The Accountant”. Chris also meets Dana who believes the company she’s working for are dealing with illegal money, it’s a path neither Chris nor Dana should follow. 

So I was not sure if I wanted to watch this movie or not because the trailer didn’t really catch my attention. In the end, I decided to give it a chance and my thoughts are very mixed. I enjoyed it sometimes and I found it to be a bit tedious other times. The whole story just wasn’t for me, I’m sticking to my superhero movies. I believe it was Ben Affleck’s character that made me like the movie less which is quite funny too because I really liked his character. It was a unique character and he had some mad skills but I think it’s the fact that he didn’t speak very much and was a tad moody that made me like the movie less. It just makes the movie more depressing, and I like happy movies. Ben Affleck was however extraordinary!! I can only imagine how hard it must be to present an accurate image of someone with autism. He did an amazing job and he was basically brilliant throughout the whole movie.

Anna Kendrick pops up in The Accountant as well and I do love me some Anna Kendrick. Fantastic actress and I always like her character (no matter who she plays). I’m a bit sad that she disappeared for a while in the movie. One second she had a big role and the next she was gone. Watching Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck together was a great pleasure and the scenes with the two of them together was definitely one of my favorites. I have to say that the cast was great. When it comes to the story however I do have mixed thoughts. I liked that we got to follow Chris’ childhood throughout the whole movie and not just the beginning but the jumping between three stories was a tad confusing and not very enjoyable. The story as a whole was quite good and unique, I enjoyed it. The whole movie was actually quite good but it’s unfortunately not a movie I would watch again.

My rating: 6,7/10 💼


An Old Indiana Jones, a Crystal Skull & Aliens – Movie Review

40449May 2008   Ι   2h 2min   Ι   Steven Spielberg

Betrayed by his old friend, Indiana Jones travels to Peru with Mutt Williams to find Mutt’s missing mother and Harold Oxley. They become captured by the Soviets and finds both Oxley and Mutt’s mother Marion. Now Indiana Jones and the rest of the team has to take a crystal skull back to where it belongs and escape the Soviets who wants all the power the crystal skull holds. As usual, it’s not an easy task. 

Tips from the coach, don’t watch a movie and then wait a month to review it because it’s going to be really hard to remember what happened. I do however remember that Indiana Jones was not as gorgeous this time, he’s actually getting older and slower. Wait time does that to you? I do have to say that this was probably my least favorite out of the four Indiana Jones movies. The movie was very predictable, I’m not going to spoil anything but when they reviled some things I was like “THAT WAS SO OBVIOUS”. I do also feel like the whole story overall was a tad messy and just weird. It was too much Sci-Fi, which is weird to say because I love Sci-Fi, but Indiana Jones is more about adventure (according to me).

I did like all the characters, even if most of them had too extreme personalities. Like Irina Spalko (played by Cate Blanchett) was a pretty cool character but so over the top when it came to the accent and the way she acted. Harrison Ford was okay I guess, he wasn’t bad but he wasn’t brilliant, like he used to be. The new character Mutt was also interesting but I’m not quite sure what I thought about him. His personality was a bit special and not really my cup of tea. However, one thing I really did enjoy was the environment. Really cool and enjoyable. Overall I have to say that the movie was quite enjoyable and interesting but I wasn’t really sold on the story. No the best Indiana Jones movie.

My rating: 6/10 🤠