Friends with Benefits (2011)

friends-with-benefits-2011-poster-hdJuly 2011   Ι   1h 49min   Ι   Will Gluck

Dylan and Jamie are both tired of bad relationships and decides to become friends with benefits, and skip all the emotions. They enjoy each others company a lot and becomes really good friends. However, to not feel any affection towards each other seems to be harder than they thought. 

I’ve watched this movie two or three times and it always makes me happy. It’s a fun movie showing us a life that might be really fun, or just very complicated. I love that it’s set in New York, it’s such a nice environment and that we actually get to see some parts of New York is amazing. I also liked the amount of humor in the movie. Woody Harrelson definitely contributed with a lot of humor and he was overall brilliant in this movie. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis was also great and they really matched well.

The one thing I would probably complain about would be the ending. I’m not going to spoil the ending but I found it rather confusing. I couldn’t really tell what Dylan wanted and the message he presented was a bit questionable. Other than that I would just say that it’s a chill romantic movie with a lot of comedy and the movie has a special touch to it. The fact that Nolan Gould is in the movie is also very very fun, because I do really like him.


A Cinderella Story (2004)

bom_cinderellastory     July 2004   Ι   1h 35min   Ι   Mark Rosman

Sam lives with her evil stepmother and her two daughters. Their mission is to make Sam’s life miserable so Sam decides to do whatever it takes to get into college, away from them. She meets a guy at the Princeton University online chatroom and they instantly connect. However they don’t know that one person is a popular quarterback and the other is an unknown waitress. 

I think A Cinderella Story is a beautiful movie and it’s funny and has its modern twist to the Cinderella story, like she drops a phone instead of a shoe etc. It can also be more relatable than the animated version of Cinderella which can be quite nice and good sometimes. Well there are plenty of Cinderella stories out here in the world, so is this one special? I wouldn’t say this is a “wow” movie, or a “I haven’t seen this before” but it is still very fun, interesting and eventful. I also really like Hilary Duff as the main character Sam, I think she is perfect for the role. Chad Michael Murray is also great in the movie.

I’ve actually seen this movie many times, which probably means that I like it a lot, and I do. This is my typical Saturday afternoon movie, just a chill movie to watch without having to put a lot of thought and effort into it. I feel like the Cinderella story is a solid story that will always work. Do we have too many Cinderella movies? Well maybe but that doesn’t mean this one will be bad, no this is a very entertaining and fun movie and I definitely think it’s worth watching.

My rating: 7,5/10 👸


Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008)

July 2008   Ι   1h 40min   Ι   Gurinder Chadha

Georgia is a 14-year-old girl who dream about boys with her friends. When two new guys arrives at their school Georgia and her friend Jas takes a deep interest in them and decides to do whatever it takes to make the guys notice them. 

Are you really thinking that much about boys when you are 14?!? I mean, they were only 14!!! Well it wasn’t yesterday I was 14 so maybe I did think about boys very much at that age, just that I don’t remember. The way they obsessed over the boys and spied on them and all was a bit creepy if you ask me. Well you can’t say they’re not dedicated. I have to be honest though, I really enjoyed this movie. This is a proper Saturday afternoon movie for me and it is very relaxing to watch. Although I can’t say the main character Georgia was one of my favorite, she is a bit irritating. I believe it is the story that is the solid case here. It is a weird, funny, a bit unique and romantic story and I enjoyed that.

I would say the comedy was the best part about the movie, even though I very often struggle with watching movies or shows where someone is constantly making a fool of themselves or being awkward. As I’m writing this I feel like I have given the movie a very negative view which is rather fun because I did really like the movie. It is fun to watch and in some weird way it’s also easy to relate.

My rating: 6,8/10 😍




It almost feels impossible to choose my top 5 favorite Disney movies because Disney really knows what they do. I can honestly say that I’ve liked or loved maybe 80% of all the movies Disney has come out with, and that is indeed very good. To celebrate (🎶 Celebrate good times, come on 🎶) the new live action movie Beauty and the Beast that just came out, I thought I would highlight my favorite Disney movies.  So here is my 5 favorite Disney movies in no particular order.

#1 Hercules

Guess who owns a Pegasus plush. This girl! Hercules is just such a fun, eventful, romantic, interesting, fantastic movie. I’m a big fan of “hero movies” and people with powers so this fits me perfectly. Love the main character Hercules as well and Hades, the only Disney villain I actually like. Just a brilliant movie!

#2 Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite movie growing up and Belle has always been my favorite princess. I think the characters are a huge part of this movie and a lot of them are very likable. The story is also unique, very romantic and a bit fun. The music is great as well. I mainly think this movie gives a great message and it’s just so beautiful. I JUST LOVE IT!!

#3 Frozen

I was a little afraid that all the Frozen craziness and the amount of times the song Let It Go was playing would have affected my opinion and loving of this movie but I can gladly say it hasn’t. I love the movie, I love the message, I love the environment (so close to Sweden though), I love the songs and I love the characters. It’s a great movie and I’m not letting it go.

#4 The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book has fantastic music, fantastic characters and a fantastic story. I feel like this is such a unique movie and I love Mowgli and Baloo together. It’s a fun and chill movie!

#5 The Lion King

Last but not least we have The Lion King. If this movie doesn’t bring out every emotion you can ever feel then I don’t know what does. The love and the comedy is of course the best part about the movie and the music is also fantastic. I’m terrified of the hyenas though.



Mean Girls (2004)

maxresdefaultApril 2004   Ι   1h 37min   Ι   Mark Waters

Cady returns to America after 12 years in Africa and will go to a public school for the first time in her life. She befriends two outcasts but also gets an offer from the three most popular girls in school. Cady’s friends think she should join these girls and expose the leader Regina’s cruelty. However sometimes we unintentionally fake it til we make it. 

Believe it or not but for a while there when I was younger I actually liked Mean Girls 2 more. Wait, hold your Hippogriffs Renate! You tell me you once liked Mean Girls 2 more?!? Well it was during the period when I had a huge crush on Diego Boneta (and I still have). Now I would definitely say that this one is my favorite out of the two. It’s truly a funny movie filled with drama and everything’s just very extreme which makes it funny. I think the idea is great and the movie is so eventful. Movies like these can also very often be predictable, and even though you can predict many things, this movie still throw surprises.

I kind of miss this Lindsay Lohan. She was great in the movie and I think she really nailed the role. So why you do this to me Lindsay? I do however think Rachel McAdams is the best one. She is so talented and brilliant, and she always does an amazing presentation of each character she plays. She’s pretty good at being a mean bastard in this one. Then we have my girl Amanda Seyfried. If you already didn’t know it, she is my all time favorite actress and I love her. She didn’t really have a big role in this movie but I think she was great.

Overall, the movie is very entertaining, maybe too dramatic at some points. Has a pretty slow ending but I still liked it. At the end of the day, this is a really eventful and fun movie that everyone should see.

My rating: 8/10 💁


March Blu-Ray Haul (2017)


Time for a good old Blu-ray haul and I’ve managed to get my hands on some great films, for a very good price. I’m really increasing my Doctor Who collection, just 3 more seasons now, yay (and then of course season 10 and so on)!! Now that Christmas is over I should buy some Christmas movies right? Haha well since Christmas comes every year I don’t really mind buying Christmas movies whenever. I also got my first 3D movies which I am super excited about.

I order some of my movies on because they often have very good prices but I must say that I’ve been very disappointed with the delivery lately because most of my products comes with loose discs or dents and that’s very bad for a movie collector. Since it’s a UK-based company and they ship from the UK, I can understand that it might take some hits compared to the ones I buy from Swedish pages (which I do most of the time). Although I really hope they figure out a way to deliver a movie without it being dented or broken because it has happened a lot recently. Anyhow, here’s my movie haul! I would also love to hear if you have bought any movies recently, or maybe think there’s some I must have in my collection. Stay brilliant and may the force be with you!



Sunshine Blogger Award #8

Buongiorno friends! I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the amazing Evelyn ( and it’s truly an honor, I’m very grateful. So without further ado, let’s answer her questions.

1.Which country/city are you planning to visit this year?

London, Cardiff and hopefully America (Los Angeles).

2. Camping or hotel?

Hotel, too many horrible camping memories…

3. When on a holiday, do you prefer swimming in a pool or in the sea/ocean?

Pool, not the biggest fan of sand.

4. What is your favourite kind of food?

Chocolate, if that counts. Tacos is pretty delicious too!

5. How do you feel about this year’s Oscar winners?

Love Emma Stone so yay her. I don’t think Casey Affleck should have won but what is done is done. Super fun for Zootopia as well, you go Zootopia!

6. For which actor/actress would you go see every movie they are in?

Orlando Bloom, you pretty bastard! Also Amanda Seyfried!

How many films/series do you watch per month?

Way too many…

Do you prefer to read from an actual book or with an e-reader?

Actually book, no doubt.

Best place to party?

On Netflix, haha well idk at a friends perhaps.

With all the fake news, do you still watch/read news?

I wish I could say that I ever read any news but unfortunately I can’t…

There you go guys! Have a marvelous day and may the force be with you!