Sixteen Candles (1984)

wgorbxondakwcciwjtepMay 1984   Ι   1h 33min   Ι   John Hughes

It’s Samantha’s 16th birthday but every person in her family seems to have forgotten. Samantha is very sad about this but is also frustrated that her body hasn’t become any different. The whole day goes very little as Samantha has hoped but before it ends she hopes she can be brave enough to introduce herself to her crush Jake, who might have a crush on her too.

That’s why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they’d call ’em something else.” I really like this quote that occurs in the movie because it’s true. The main character Samantha is talking to her dad about how it hurts to have a crush who doesn’t notice you and that’s when her father tells her that. I just thought it was very accurate because crushes often break you, in smaller or bigger doses. Enough about crushes, let’s talk about the movie. I really enjoyed it. It was a fun teenage drama movie and it really showed how teenagers struggle with some issues during High School, with a touch of comedy and of course a bit exaggeration. It was very often entertaining and the change of environment made it less tedious.

Samantha wasn’t the happiest sheep in the barn which was a bit boring actually, because she became quite boring herself due to that. Jack didn’t really show any personality either and that’s what I really missed about the movie. Another thing that was slightly disappointing to me was the fact that Jack and Samantha barely said anything to each other throughout the whole movie. I would have liked their relationship to develop earlier on, because the ending became a little unrealistic. The romance was however very sweet and I really smiled when the movie ended. I was filled with romance!

My rating: 6,8/10 🎂


Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

breakfast-at-tiffanys-wallpaper-poster-photo-4October 1961   Ι   1h 55min   Ι   Blake Edwards

Holly is a free woman who is living in New York and takes a sudden interest in her new neighbor Paul, the author. They become good friends and do all kinds of things together. Meanwhile, Holly is trying to find someone who can finance a living for her and her brother who is in the military. 

I feel like I have to say this right away, I didn’t really like this movie… I know, I’m surprised too. I mean it has such a good rating, especially for a romantic movie, and I love romantic movies (especially romantic comedies). I just can’t say that I enjoyed watching it. The story was quite eventless, we only really go to a certain level with the main character Holly and her emotions, and the ending had too little happiness. When it was 3 minutes left I became very concerned because nothing had really developed and the movie wasn’t ready for a closure.

What I did like about the movie was the main character Paul (or Frank), I found him very likable and was really rooting for him. I did also like Holly in the beginning. She has such a cool and unique personality which I found very entertaining to watch. However, as the movie went on she just began to bother me and I came to like her less.

One think that I would also like to mention is the title of the movie. Breakfast at Tiffany’s might not be a fitting title because the movie was barely about having breakfast at that shop or anything similar. It kind of fooled me a little because I thought the movie would be more about that. So overall I have to say that this movie was a little slow for me, and it truly hurts me that I didn’t like it more because it’s one of my favorite genre. We can’t however like everything, and this just wasn’t my cup of tea.

My rating: 4,5/10 💍


Good Witch (Season 2)

Second Time AroundSeason 2   Ι   2016   Ι   Sue Tenney

After a pretty great season 1, I jumped right in to season 2 with high expectations. Well, maybe I shouldn’t have had too high expectations because the seconds season did not reach the first seasons standards. I am a tiny bit disappointed. I definitely could say that the story moved on a bit faster than the last season, but still not fast enough. To my biggest surprise we could already see in the first episode that some people had left the show, without any warning or explanation. Where did they go? Well, it took a while before they explained some characters, but some are still a mystery. I also have to say that I really don’t care about Brandon and Tara’s story, I think it’s a bit dull. I wished there would have been more focus on Grace and Nick instead, whom I really ship! I wished their relationship would have developed more but I really hope there will be some romance between Grace and Nick in season 3 (fingers crossed).

Final Photo Assets

I still don’t know what I feel about Abigail. She is not really a character that I like but she does tribute to the story. I do think she has become a little better in the second season but she my feelings towards her is still very cloudy. I do come to like Sam more and more, and also Cassie, and definitely Sam and Cassie together. However, one person that they introduced was John, Cassie’s old friend, and I didn’t really enjoy the scenes he were in. I don’t think he did much to the story and I just didn’t like him that much.

The last thing I would like to have been better would be the end. Without spoiling it, I have to say that there could have been a little more drama or some kind of shock. Something that really wants you to watch season 3. Other than that I have to say that I enjoyed season 2. It wasn’t as good as season 1 but still enjoyable. I am also looking forward to season 3 and I do hope the story will move on a bit more.

My rating: 6,5/10 🔮


Trolls (2016)

trolls-dreamworks-trailerOctober 2016   Ι   1h 32min   Ι   Walt Dohrn & Mike Mitchell

The Trolls have lived for 20 years without the fear of being eaten by the Bergens but when they have their 20-year celebration it becomes so loud that a Bergen finds them and kidnap princess Poppy’s friends. Poppy makes it her mission to rescue them and gets help from the anti-happy Troll Branch.  

What did I just watch? Was it Cinderella the troll edition, or was it perhaps Breaking Bad the troll edition? Well you can’t deny that this was a colorful and glittery movie. I actually was very impressed by the animation, it was great. The movie itself was sometimes quite interesting and sometimes quite boring. I actually really enjoy animated movies with a lot of song and dance in them, and I therefore enjoyed this one. It had really great music. The plot however was a bit messy, and not so coherent.

I’m very surprised I almost cried when this is supposed to be such a happy movie. However, I can see how the movie would have been a bit tedious if there weren’t any sad scenes. The characters were also very likable and I think both Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake did a great job. I did however have a small problem, since I’m used to watching animated movies in Swedish,  the voices don’t bother me because I don’t know who it is. With this one however I just thought of Anna Kendrick every time she spoke and that did make the movie a bit annoying sometimes. I guess I just have to practice on not thinking about who the voice actually belongs to. Fun fact btw, one of my dream job is to be a Voice Over for an animated movie or TV-show. So back to the movie… I would say that it was fun to watch it, but I probably wouldn’t watch it a second time. Chill afternoon movie!

My rating: 6,5/10 🌈


The Girl on the Train (2016)

maxresdefaultSeptember 2016   Ι   1h 52min   Ι   Tate Taylor

Rachel is a lonely, drunk woman who takes the train every day to watch the life that she always wanted. The girl that she has been watching suddenly goes missing and Rachel might be a suspect. Meanwhile her ex husband and his new wife are struggling to keep Rachel out of their lives. 

I’m actually surprised over how good this movie was. I had a feeling I wouldn’t enjoy it very much but I was wrong, this was a really interesting and enjoyable movie. Emily Blunt is an amazing actress and the fact that she managed to create this crazy, drunk character is astonishing. She does it so well. Haley Bennett, Luke Evans and plenty of other actors were really good as well. I think the cast was spot on. The story was also so interesting and unique. I really wanted to know what happened to the missing girl Megan and as the movie went on the interest became stronger and stronger.

I was having a really hard time knowing who I was having sympathies for and I actually think that’s a good thing, because it really made the movie more mysterious and I couldn’t figure anything out just at the beginning. However, one person I wished would have been more in the movie would be Luke Evans. I think he is a great actor and I think his character got too little screen time. The story could have been a bit more complete if he had a bigger part in it, because his part was a little bit pointless. Other than that I have to say that I enjoyed watching this movie. I would also suggest it to others because I find it worth watching.

My rating: 7,5/10 🚆


Frequency – Season 1

ci0od0hveaa6bqe-large_fullSeason 1   Ι   2016-2017   Ι   Jeremy Carver

When I saw this show on Netflix I believe 6 episodes had been aired and I was contemplating whether I should watch it or not. I was however bored one day so I decided to give it a try and I really liked it. Season 1 just ended and the ending was really good, actually the whole show was really really good. The show is set in two time periods which makes it extra entertaining and eventful. That’s one reason why it was so enjoyable and why it didn’t become tedious at all. I also really like crime/detective shows because I always like guessing who the murderer is and it’s very interesting to see how every single clue leads up to something. This show was also very unique because the main character Raimy and her dad Frank solves the murder together, but in different times.


I truly enjoy stories where they travel in time and how changing the time can give severe consequences, like in Back to the Future. However, the small downside with this show was how often the time changed, just when something went right. I think they changed the future a bit too often. Another thing that made me consider not to watch this show was the actress Peyton List because I have seen her in other things and she has not really been a favorite of mine. So when I saw that she was the main character I hesitated, but I wanted to give her another chance. I can say that my non-love for her didn’t improve. I just think she is very impersonal and her characters becomes very dull. I did however really like Riley Smith, he did a very good job.

It’s been a really interesting season and I really hope this show gets a season 2, because it does deserve it. Fingers crossed!

My rating: 7,5/10 ⌛