The Light Between Oceans (2016)

the-light-between-oceansSeptember 2016   Ι   2h 13min   Ι    Derek Cianfrance

1920 the lighthouse keeper Tom marries the local girl Isabel. They both want children but suffer two terrible losses, until one day when a rowboat arrives containing a child. They start to care for the girl and treat her as their own but complications occurs when the real mother starts searching for her child. Will the actual truth come out? 

I cried so much when the movie reached its end, I just couldn’t stop crying. I feel like I left a puddle of water behind. The funny part is that it’s not The Notebook sad, it’s actually a rather heartwarming and happy movie, with a lot of emotions. I believe The Light Between Oceans is based on a book and I haven’t read it but I heard that the movie was pretty accurate to the book. I think it was a pretty darn good movie. It was a bit slow, didn’t really have a lot of environment changes and there was no action going on but it was very peaceful watching it. It had that peaceful atmosphere and that was actually quite relaxing.

The romance was beautiful. Even if Tom and Isabel’s relationship felt pretty rushed, it was still heartwarming and I do feel like they were meant to be. Michael Fassbender plays Tom and I do feel like he does a great job, even if his character is pretty plain. I do however love Michael a lot and I think he is a brilliant actor. However, the person that stood out the most and shocked me the most was my fellow Swede Alicia Vikander. I mean, I knew she was a great actress but this good, that I did not know. She was absolutely brilliant as Isabel, she delivered so many emotions perfectly and I’m just taken away by her performance. Rachel Weisz did not have as big of a part in this movie but she was pretty spot on too. Great cast indeed! The Light Between Oceans is overall a great, emotion packed movie and it is truly worth watching. I would definitely recommend you to see it.

My rating: 7/10 ❤️





This has by far been the hardest list to make out of the three. The 80’s was the easiest, then came the 90’s list and I felt the struggle but this is next level. It was so freaking hard to choose. I decided to limit myself, so even if I wanted to include every Harry Potter movie that came out during this period, or every The Lord of The Rings movie or the Marvel movies, I chose one of each. These are definitely five of my favorite movies of all time but I wanted to add so many more to the list. 00’s was definitely a great decade for movies!! So here are my 5 favorite movies from the 00’s (in no particular order).

#1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter is absolutely magical (pun intended)! The whole story is amazing and the characters are brilliant. I love how we get to see Harry in both the Muggle world and the wizard world. He is indeed one special boy. Still waiting for my letter, I bet it will come any day now!

#2 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

This is high quality fantasy if I may say so myself. Bloody great trilogy and fantastic characters. The story is so interesting and everything is done extremely well. The movie is entertaining and action packed, and it really shows you the meaning of friendship. Absolutely brilliant movie (Legolas in my heart forever)!

#3 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Will Turner, Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann is the ultimate trio and the main reason why I love this movie so much. Jack Sparrow is also such a unique and fun character who brightens the movie. Very entertaining and full of cool scenes.

#4 Iron Man

I can still remember the first time I saw Iron Man, it gave me chills. It’s a fantastic story with a lot of action. Seeing how Tony Stark became Iron Man is breathtaking and the whole movie is both entertaining and eventful. This is definitely a movie that will always be one of my favorites.

#5 The Dark Knight

I’m Batman! There is no one like Christian Bale and there is no one like Heath Ledger, brilliant duo. Overall a fantastic movie with plenty of action and humor. Love it so much and I’m always glued to the screen when The Dark Knight is on.


Mr. Deeds (2002)

mr-deeds-55dd802ec4aefJune 2002   Ι   1h 36min   Ι   Steven Brill

Longfellow Deeds runs a pizzeria in a small town where everybody knows everybody. When Deeds one day finds out he inherited more money than he could ever dream of he flies to New York to deal with all the money and paperwork. Deeds could however never have guessed that he would stumble upon his dream girl in the big city. Is it all too good to be true? 

I have to say that this is such a weird movie. You can definitely tell that the main point with the movie is that it’s supposed to be funny. Like throwing cats out of a burning building and the cats are miraculously surviving, that’s hilarious. Well maybe, maybe not. I’m actually not sure if I would have watched this movie if it wasn’t for Adam Sandler. I adore Adam and I think he is a brilliant and extremely funny actor. I’m so glad he was in the movie because the story was very vague. I mean, it was weird and not very interesting. I have to say that the whole movie works only because of Adam Sandler’s character Deeds. He was interesting, funny, kind and really unique. I really thought he improved the movie.

I actually really enjoy watching a person who is friends with basically everyone in a small town. It gives a cozy feeling and I think it’s so nice when you know so many people and you all help each other. Warms my heart. You can definitely see the difference between the small town people and the  New Yorkers, and it was actually quite fun to see all the changes and how different people were. I did have mixed feelings about the New Yorker Babe, played by Winona Ryder. Sometimes I really liked her and sometimes I just couldn’t really stand her. In the end it’s Adam Sandler’s character that is the most important and impressing to me. Overall I would say that it’s a decent movie. There were some funny moments but not really any laughing out loud ones. Probably won’t watch it again but it was very pleasant to see Adam Sandler in yet another movie because that man is brilliant.

My rating: 5,8/10 💸


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

ironman33May 2005   Ι   1h 43min   Ι   Shane Black

Harry Lockhart is a thief who becomes an actor who then becomes a detective. He’s trying to solve his dream girl Harmony’s case regarding her sister’s death with the help of the actual detective Perry. However, every action has its consequences, something Harry soon will find out.

What an odd movie, I really can’t believe what I’ve just seen. I went in with blind eyes, I didn’t know anything about the movie, and I didn’t even know that Robert Downey Jr. was the main guy. I have to say that during the first 30 minutes I was really intrigued and the movie felt very promising. However, it didn’t take long before the movie became weird and quite messy. The story was very up and down. Sometimes it could be really exciting and sometimes the story could be messy and confusing. It shifted a lot actually. I have to say that the movie is not very coherent if you ask me, I just feel like they were jumping between scenes and characters. At the end the whole movie did become quite clear though, and that is always a big plus.

So the one and only Robert Downey Jr. starred in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and I have to say that he was pretty great. I did however feel like his character had a very plain personality. The characters Perry and Harmony had plenty more characteristics and felt a lot more unique and fun. Perry and Harmony were really the two characters that stood out. I did enjoy all three of them but Perry was probably my favorite. Apart from the characters, I really enjoyed the whole “solving a mystery” that this movie had going on. I love detective shows and movies and this movie really had that vibe, along with the humor. I did enjoy this movie very much, it was interesting and entertaining. The only problem I had with it was the messy storyline and characters that came and went but other than that I have to say that it’s a very good movie.

My rating: 6,8/10 🕵️‍♂️


The House Bunny (2008)

the-house-bunny-5721e649006e7August 2008   Ι   1h 37min   Ι   Fred Wolf

Shelley is a playboy bunny who’s aiming to be the next Miss November but when she turns 27 she gets kicked out of the mansion. She discovers that she can become a house-mother for a sorority house instead and it’s now her mission to help a group of outcasts from being thrown out of their student home. They just need 30 more students, which Shelley believes is an easy task. 

The House Bunny is actually a very entertaining movie and I don’t feel like the title or the movie cover do the movie any justice. I mean, if I didn’t know anything about the movie and just saw the title and the cover I probably wouldn’t watch it. There is so much humor in this movie and the whole story is very entertaining and eventful. The main character Shelley is very special, I find her very sweet and fun but I don’t really like the fact that she is convincing everyone that beauty is the only thing that matters. Anna Faris, who plays Shelley, is however absolutely brilliant. I actually don’t think it’s that easy to play Shelley without looking like you’re overdoing it or being way too fake and unrealistic. I just think Anna did a great job. We do also have one of my favorite actresses, Emma Stone. She is of course amazing as always. I have to say that the whole cast was pretty spot on.

One thing that was bothering me quite a lot in this movie was the amount of stereotypes there were. If you were beautiful you got all the boys and became popular, if you were smart you were uncool and got bullied, if you were a guy you couldn’t stop staring at pretty girls etc. I do however think that in the end the movie presented a great message. It is also a rather predictable movie but that doesn’t really bother me at all. I just think the story was very eventful, the humor was there, the characters were great and I enjoyed every minute of the movie. I would say that this is definitely a movie worth watching. I have now seen it two or three times and I will probably watch it again.

My rating: 6,8/10 👯




Because I’m born 1997 I’m not too familiar with the 90’s movies, except for all the animated ones from the 90’s. As I got older I could have gone back and watch all the iconic movies from the 90’s but I just haven’t done it. It wasn’t until recently I watched Fight Club and other famous movies from the 90’s. Two movies I have yet to see are Pulp Fiction and Groundhog Day and they have been on my list for ages, I just need to take the time to watch them (and that will be very soon indeed).

It was actually harder to do this list than I thought. I realized that I had watched a lot more 90’s movies than I thought and there are so many good ones that it was almost impossible to choose. I for example absolutely loved The Parent Trap when I was younger but I haven’t seen it in a very long time and I’m not sure if I love it as much these days. I didn’t pick The Lion King either because those hyenas freaks me out too much. In the end I managed to pick my 5 favorite movies of the 90’s and here they are (in no particular oder).

#1 Beauty and the Beast

A tale as old as time. This is a beautiful animated movie, showing us that appearance is not everything. I adore the music in Beauty and the Beast because it’s both fun and beautiful. The whole story is pretty great and the movie is very entertaining. One of the 90’s treasures.

#2 Forrest Gump

I actually can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Forrest Gump. The movie is both eventful and super enjoyable. Forrest Gump is a brilliant character who is so unique and Tom Hanks is absolutely amazing as Forrest. Very different and emotional movie.

#3 Hercules

The one and only Hercules. I can say that he is definitely my hero, no matter how clumsy he is. I do also enjoy watching movies about the Greek mythology. It’s a fun animated movie and I love the character Hercules and the villain Hades.

#4 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Many people might disagree on this one but I really dig this Star Wars movie. I actually really like all the three prequels. The quality is so good, the movie is eventful, it got some quite special characters but the majority of the movie is enjoyable (to me). Anakin is also so cute!

#5 Notting Hill

Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the same movie, what more to ask for?! It’s a fantastic romantic movie with a great and fun story. I also love the British environment and the accent is to die for (especially on Hugh Grant). Lovely movie!

Last week was the 80’s, this week it’s the 90’s and next week… yes you guessed it, it’s the 00’s! Thank you so much for reading. May the force be with you!


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

raiders2June 1981   Ι   1h 55min   Ι   Steven Spielberg

The archaeologist Indiana Jones is hired to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis finds it. Jones travels to Nepal where he meets an old lover but the woman Marion is not very keen on helping him. The Nazis kidnaps Marion and it looks like they are one step closer to the Ark than Indiana Jones are. Now Jones has to do whatever it takes to find the Ark before the Nazis does. 

It’s been ages since I last watched an Indiana Jones movie and I really see what I’ve missed. Indiana Jones is so much better than I remember. The action is there, the humor is there, the adventure is there and the romance is there. I just absolutely loved the environment as well. The movie had a lot of scene changes and it made the whole story more interesting and eventful. The whole movie also felt very coherent and very entertaining. I really didn’t know what to expect from Harrison Ford because the only movie I can remember seeing him in is Star Wars. Of course he is an excellent Han Solo but that’s just one role. He was however absolutely brilliant. I mean, I’m actually quite shocked over how much I loved him. He was the perfect Indiana Jones and I can definitely say that Indiana Jones is one of my all time favorite movie characters.

I really enjoyed the woman Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark because she was so badass and independent. I liked seeing Indiana Jones and Marion together as well. There were overall some pretty cool and entertaining characters and the cast as a whole was very amazing. What I really enjoyed about the movie except from the characters was also the amount of action. It wasn’t too little action and it wasn’t too much. I prefer it when the fights are not way too long or occurring too often and I really feel like this movie managed to find a perfect balance between running, falling and fighting. I have to say that I really enjoyed the whole movie, from start to end. I didn’t remember it being this good and I’m so glad I decided to re-watch it.

My rating: 7,3/10 🤠