How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

maxresdefault2January 2003   Ι   1h 56min   Ι   Donald Petrie

Andie Anderson wants to write about things that actually matters but to be able to do so she first has to write a top notch article about how to lose a guy in 10 days. The only problem is that the guy she choose also made a bet with his boss that he could make a girl fall in love with him in just 10 days. This might be a doomed relationship right from the start. 

I remember watching this movie so many times when I was younger. I love Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, they are so talented and brilliant, and they really make a great couple in this movie. I would say this is Kate’s show, the way she is able to present a fake personality is just amazing. The whole story is also very fun and even if it might be a bit unrealistic it still works. However, if Matthew’s character Ben wouldn’t have had the task to find love in 10 days as well, then this movie would have been unrealistic as heck. Glad that’s not the case!

The reason why I really like this movie is not only because of the characters but also the love, humor, family and friendship that is included. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days has a little bit of everything and that’s how I like it. I do however have to say that the ending is a bit embarrassing for me. The movie could also have had a more romantic and perfect ending but I should not complain because a lot worse endings does exist out there. This romantic movie is definitely worth watching at least once, so I would recommend it. Do it for sexy McConaughey. 

My rating: 7/10 ❤️


Rumor Has It… (2005)

rumor-has-it-film-images-25d4a0d5-6c87-4fa6-8478-be995d081d7December 2005   Ι   1h 37min   Ι   Rob Reiner

*Warning, this post contains SPOILERS because it’s too screwed up so I have to talk about it!

Sarah is looking for a guy who might be her father after finding out that her mother had an affair one week before her wedding. She leaves her fiancé behind to find the guy, but soon learns that he can not be her father. Sarah ends up spending the following evening and night with this guy, which she soon regrets. 

What the actual fish did I just watch… I thought this was an innocent, romantic, happily ever after movie. No no, here we have a girl who think this Beau Burroughs might be her father and when she finds out he isn’t, she sleeps with him!? The fact that this man has slept with her mother and grandmother as well, I mean how more wrong can it actually get. Here I was thinking, since Jennifer Aniston and Mark Ruffalo’s in the movie, that it would be a great and entertaining movie. Let’s just say that I was wrong. The whole story was quite boring and uneventful as well, and of course pretty wicked. I’m very glad the movie wasn’t that long.

I have to say that the only good thing about the movie was the cast. Even if my dear Jennifer Aniston got to be in a movie with a wicked and wrong story, she still was amazing. Seeing Mark Ruffalo being something other than the Hulk was also pretty weird but I do think he did a great job as well. Loved Shirley MacLaine in the movie too, she really put the humor into it. This is a movie that you can live without however, spare the awkwardness. I really don’t have more to say, it all just felt very wrong.

My rating: 3,7/10 👰


Doctor Who S10E10 Review

134724-6d6985f0-c96e-4766-b041-17b4807144bfJune 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 10   Ι   Charlie Palmer

Bill and the Doctor are not united over what happened to the Roman legion of the ninth and takes the Tardis to Scotland to find out. Upon arrival they go their separate ways to prove their theories right, and they both stumble upon some rather interesting groups of people. Although, what they didn’t expect to find was the door leading to the end of the world. 

The Doctor was really shaming the leader Kar in this episode. I mean, I know she doomed the whole world to extinction but give her some room to breath. Haha no but the Doctor was a tiny bit moodier in this episode, but it was quite understandable. I think both Nardole and Bill got their funny sides going and the whole episode was overall pretty funny and enjoyable. I like seeing romans and other historical groups when they are facing aliens, it kind of just makes it extra hilarious.

The alien monster in this episode was very cool and high tech but I think it got too little screen time. I would have preferred it if we got to see a little more of it, since this monster was the main subject in almost every discussion. I do however liked that the main focus was on the romans and that other group of people. When it comes to the story itself, it was rather dull and they did spend most of the time hiding and chatting. We can all enjoy a good old chat, but when it’s 30 minutes of it, maybe not. As a whole, I did enjoy the episode and it was very funny. Now it’s finally Missy’s time to shine!


Pretty in Pink (1986)

e9432fccf28a953514f077b86e5e657a_xlJanuary 1986   Ι   1h 36min   Ι   Howard Deutch

Andie lives with her dad in a poor neighborhood and at her High School rich people hang out with each other and poor people stay far away from them. When Blane one day walks into the store Andie works at everything slowly starts to change. Maybe it’s okay for a poor girl to be with a rich guy, but will the society be able to accept it. 

It was actually very interesting to watch this movie about a forbidden love due to class and money when it’s not something that matters very much anymore (when it comes to love). Well it might matter for some people but it’s not as extreme as it was in the 80’s. This is yet another movie that show us what we should already know, that it doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, skinny, fat, have a light or dark skin tone, comes from a weird family or anything like that. I would say that the only thing that matters is that you like his/her personality.

The movie itself does not have a unique story but it’s still very entertaining and enjoyable. There is one character, Duckie, and I don’t know if I love him or if I’m a bit scared of him. He has some stalker vibes but he is such a hilarious, unique, lovable character and he made this movie so darn good. I really don’t know what this movie would have been without him. I do also really like Molly Ringwald, she is very talented and her character was likable. The guy, Blane (Andrew McCarthy), was pretty dull actually but there were plenty of cool characters so it really didn’t matter. The movie was overall very good and I really liked the ending.

My rating: 6,8/10 💖


11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Review From AliExpress


As you all may know, I am a huge Doctor Who fan and one of my favorite Doctors is the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. When I get obsessed over a TV-show or movie, I usually want to buy every single merchandise that you possibly can find. I often end up buying just one or two things because I get obsessed over so many things and my wallet can’t take that. Every since I fell in love with the 11th Doctor I have wanted (or should I say needed) his sonic screwdriver. The only problem has been that it was sold out basically everywhere and I didn’t fancy spending a lot of money on BBC’s shop (where the shipping is darn expensive). I did however find it on AliExpress and it was for a really good price as well. Now don’t take me for a fool, I know AliExpress might not have the best quality or licensed products but since I couldn’t find it anywhere I thought I would give it a try.

I have ordered things from AliExpress before but they have just been phone cases which were pretty cheap. They all came, in good shape as well (I know some people did get the wrong sort or didn’t get their things at all). I was however a little nervous that there would be something wrong with this item since it’s so big. It came a lot quicker than I thought and it was well wrapped but the packaging was very dented. It didn’t however seem to have affected the sonic screwdriver which was really good. When it comes to the screwdriver, it is a bit tough, the button doesn’t work perfectly and it takes a second or two before the light turns on. The paint job is good, and it does work, just a bit tough. Also looks like the 11th Doctor’s screwdriver.

It’s not the best piece but I didn’t expect that either, considering the price. I do want a high quality sonic screwdriver (the 11th Doctor’s) one day, when I can afford it, but for now I have to say that I’m happy that I have this and it feels quite good to know that I don’t have to be super careful with it since it wasn’t that expensive. I would definitely consider using it if I ever would be doing cosplay.

Sorry for the long review, I got a little carried away. Hope you still liked it and thank you so much for reading. Have a fantastic day, because you deserve it! May the force be with you and the odds ever in your favor!



Wonder Woman (2017)

wdwmn_online_master_deflection_4000x2490_master-rev-1June 2017   Ι   2h 21min   Ι   Patty Jenkins

Diana, princess and warrior of the Amazons rescues a man called Steve Trevor. She finds out that there is a war going on between mankind and wants to help Steve stop it by defeating Ares, the God of war. Together with a team, Wonder Woman tries to find Ares and slowly starts to understand all the good and the bad mankind can offer. 

I have only read the first Wonder Woman comic book but I absolutely loved it, so I had quite high expectations of the movie. Along with all the amazing reviews where people have been raving about it. The movie really lived up to my expectations! It was eventful, fun, inspiring, action-packed and so much more. I was a bit worried about the whole World War I story since I’m not the biggest fan of movies about the old wars but Wonder Woman really made it work. I’m not going to lie though, watching movies about World War I & II is not really my cup of tea. Watching Wonder Woman fight however, that was something extra. I was totally amazed because it was so cool and amazing to watch. Every move was just perfect and when she used that lasso, I mean omg. Where can I get that lasso?!

I have to say that I enjoyed the whole cast. Gal Gadot was absolutely brilliant as Wonder Woman. She managed to present this strong, warmhearted hero and I loved both Gal and Wonder Woman. Chris Pine was fantastic as well. I think it was good that his character never took over or became the main focus. He just got the right amount of screen time. I probably just had one problem with the cast and that was the God Ares. To me it felt like he was a bit too old to be this powerful God of war, I was constantly scared that he would break his bones or something because he looked so fragile. The rest of the team was however fantastic and they made the movie more eventful and fun. I liked how they managed to include some humor here and there without it being too much as well. Makes it more enjoyable. So this was a great movie and Wonder Woman is a fantastic and amazing character and I’m so glad we got a whole movie about her.

My rating: 7,5/10 👩


Doctor Who S10E09 Review

p0550gpyJune 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 9   Ι   Wayne Yip

Friday the Ice Warrior is serving a group of the British army after being rescued and brought back to Mars. They manage to wake the empress of Mars and she wants a war. The Doctor and Bill is trying to unite the Ice Warriors and the British army but stubborn people are standing in their way. 

Oh this was an episode for me! Ice Warriors are not common in the newer Doctor Who but they were quite a thing in the classic one. I loved all the episodes with the Ice Warriors from the classic Doc and this species is also one of my favorites. It’s very cool to see how the technology had developed, especially if you look at the first Ice Warrior versus the one in this episode. So the “monsters” were great, the evil & kind humans were great, the Doctor was great and Bill was great. Now I’m just missing Nardole. A bit of a shame that he wasn’t in this episode that much, I really like him. Also a bit of a shame that it wasn’t time for Missy to shine.

I would say that the British army were more in focus than the Doctor and Bill, not much though. That was however fine by me since it makes the episodes less monotonous. There were a good amount of action and fighting in this episode as well. All the references to different movies was absolutely brilliant, loved it. Overall I would say that this episode had a nice balance between everything. I’m just glad we’re done with the Monks to be honest. I’m also glad they went back in the archives and brought back the Ice Warriors. I think it was a great episode! I’m also very interested to see which role Missy will take in this season. We will hopefully soon find out!