This was such a hard list to do because Star Wars has so many brilliant characters, especially Jar Jar Binks right! 😉 It was very hard for me to make this list because I wanted to add so many more, like Luke Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Rey, Chewbacca, BB-8, Obi-Wan, Stormtrooper nr. 271 (you know that one) etc. I feel like my list is based on characters that have affected and impressed me the most and I think this is a list that would look very different from person to person. So here’s my list, in no particular order!

#1 Anakin Skywalker (before Darth Vader)

Yes, Anakin Skywalker before he became evil. He was a brilliant and clever young lad and then he grew up and became the most gorgeous person in the Star Wars universe. So a young Renate, who sat there at the cinema watching her first Star Wars movie (Star Wars: Episode III, because it was my brothers turn to choose the movie) and didn’t understand anything… Except that this boy Anakin had so much good in him and love, and he just chose the wrong path. WHY ANAKIN, WHY?? He will always be one of my favorite characters though!

#2 R2-D2

I really like C-3PO but sometimes he can be such a “parent” and that’s why I chose R2-D2. I can’t believe that he is so funny, and I don’t even understand a word of what he’s saying. Then again, I feel like R2-D2 and C-3PO are the funniest when they’re together. I also like that R2-D2 is so brave, and that he’s blue.

#3 Princess Leia

A more badass person is hard to find! I just love Leia, she is cool, caring and super sweet. I really don’t think I need to say more!

#4 Yoda

I think it’s the way Yoda talks that really gets me. Or the fact that he is the wisest creature in the universe. I just absolutely love Yoda!! He also show us that size doesn’t matter, or muscles. If you ever want a counselor, Yoda you must seek.

#5 Han Solo

The bold, the arrogant, the one and only Han Solo. I actually wasn’t that big of a fan of him but as time changed, I started to like him more and more and now he’s one of my favorite characters. I like that he wants to show this tough side but on the inside he’s a softie. He’s also very funny!

So that’s my list of the 5 best Star Wars characters! Forever grateful that you read this, you are brilliant. May the force be with you!


Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

mrs-doubtfireNovember 1993   Ι   2h 5min   Ι   Chris Columbus

Daniel’s wife Miranda wants a divorce and gets full custody of their three children since Daniel doesn’t have a job or a house. When Miranda is looking for a housekeeper, Daniel sees it as an opportunity to spend time with his children and decides to dress up like a 60 year old woman so he can get the job. Mrs. Doubtfire is becoming a part of the family, but the question is how long Daniel can keep up the act. 

I’ve never seen this movie before and now I really see what I’ve missed. This is such a fun movie and I enjoyed watching it so much. Robin Williams is a legend and the way he presented Mrs. Doubtfire was fantastic. I also loved how funny Daniel/Mrs. Doubtfire was. It’s very practical when you have a character like Daniel, who is this dad with good and bad jokes, because the movie becomes funny without it being too much forced humor. There is no doubt that Robin Williams was the star of this movie, he was absolutely brilliant.

The story was very coherent and eventful and I really enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. It had some tedious scenes and it is one of those movies where you are just waiting for something to go wrong. I also thought the lady that was evaluating Daniel and his living would have a bigger part, or affect him more. None of that did however affect the movie as a whole and overall I would say that the movie was enjoyable and eventful. Mrs. Doubtfire is definitely a movie worth watching at least once, especially because of Robin Williams brilliant performance. It’s a really funny movie as well!

My rating: 7/10 👵


Practical Magic (1998)

tumblr_nsw2kktpxf1tachjlo1_1280October 1998   Ι   1h 44min   Ι   Griffin Dunne

Sally and Gillian are two sisters who, just like their ancestors, can use magic. Their mother created a curse so that no one could break her heart which means that every time they fall in love, the man will die. Sally is heartbroken after the love of her life died and Gillian is in a toxic relationship that will soon haunt them. The two sisters have to deal with Gillian’s guy, and Sally may run into her true love along the way. 

Did someone order a strange movie with extra weirdness on top? I really don’t know what I just watched, this movie is so weird. I thought this would be a romantic movie with a twist (and the twist would be the whole witch thing).  It was not much magic in it and the magic that actually occurred was strange and just over the top unrealistic. I would say the plot was a bit messy and all over the place as well. I did however like the beginning, it was very informative and interesting.

So the main reason why I wanted to watch Practical Magic was because of Sandra Bullock, who plays the main character Sally. I adore Sandra Bullock, she is an amazing actress but I have to say that this wasn’t one of her best moments. Although, I do think the plot is to blame for because of that. Nicole Kidman is also one of the main characters (Gillian) and she was really good. Her character stood out more and felt more unique. The movie was overall very messy and a lot of characters just popped up now and then. The story wasn’t that coherent and not very entertaining either. Even though I love Sandra Bullock, I have to say that this is a movie I can live without.

My rating: 4/10 🧙‍♀️


Am I More Marvel or DC Comics?

Yes the question that has been on my mind for a very long time. Am I more Marvel or DC Comics? I’ve always felt like I’m more Marvel because I’ve been fangirling a lot more over the movies and been more intrigued to read the comics. I have however seen and loved a lot of the DC Comics movies and I’ve loved the few comics I’ve read. I decided to find out, once and for all, if I’m Marvel or DC Comics. Now before you say anything, I’m not really serious about this and I love both Marvel and DC Comics. This was just a fun thing to do! 😀

Want to take the quiz and see if you’re more Marvel or DC? Yes I know you want to! The link is here. Now let’s see what my result became!

Skärmavbild 2017-06-11 kl. 21.18.59

Oh I guess I turned into a man, that’s nice. Well I guess I will see you in Infinity War then! Haha well if you did take the quiz, let me know what you got. May the force be with you!


We Bought a Zoo (2011)

wbazDecember 2011   Ι   2h 4min   Ι   Cameron Crowe

Benjamin is a single parent who recently lost his wife. He’s looking for a fresh start for him and his two children Dylan and Rosie and finds it on a farm, where various animals lives. The property also includes a staff which soon becomes very important to his family, along with all the animals. 

So apparently it’s legal to buy a zoo even if you have no experience with animals? Well I guess he was just the owner, but damn that’s cool. If I wasn’t scared of basically every single animal on the planet, I might have done the same, or at least dreamt about it. I have to say that the title really got me though, because I like movies about zoos, like Zookeeper. The funny thing is that this movie is called “A New Start” in Swedish, because they could not just translate the title, no they had to make a new one. I’m actually glad I changed my Netflix language to English because I’m not sure I would have clicked on it if it was called that. Although, the title wasn’t the only reason why I wanted to see this movie. When I saw that both Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson were in it, I got quite intrigued (which is funny because I’m not a massive fan of either of them). They were great, their characters might have been a bit dull but I think they worked very well together.

The whole story about losing his wife is very sad and it’s heartbreaking to see how it affected the children. I think Matt Damon, Colin Ford and Maggie Elizabeth Jones all did a great job showing how hurt they were and how much they missed their mother/wife. I do however have a small problem with these true story movies because they are often very depressing and I want a movie to make me happy. This movie did have its bright moments and I’m very grateful for that. When it comes to the story though, I have to say that it was a tad boring at its places but I enjoyed most of it and most of the characters were very special and fun. It’s a very good and also entertaining movie. The cast is pretty spot on and the environment is nice. It really is a chill movie, but I have to say that I’m satisfied with watching it just once, even if it was a good movie.

My rating: 6/10 🐯


The Magnificent Seven (2016)

magnificent7September 2016   Ι   2h 12min   Ι   Antoine Fuqua

Sam Chisolm recruits six men to help him fight Bogue, a man who steals land and kills people, after a woman and a man begged Sam to help them. The seven men tries to prepare the farmers for a war, and there’s no guarantee for survival.  

I’m not the biggest fan of western movies, I just don’t find them very entertaining, and my plan was not to watch this movie but Chris Pratt is in it so I couldn’t resist. It’s just something about Chris Pratt that makes me weak. I am however very glad that I decided to watch The Magnificent Seven because it is a great movie. The cast was absolutely brilliant, with my boy Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, Byung-hun Lee, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Haley Bennett and so many more fantastic actors. I also loved how the seven men in the movie all had different skills and that each individual was special. My favorite was the Mexican, and of course Josh Faraday (Chris Pratt).

The only problem I had with the movie was that it was too long for me. When a movie with a very monotonous environment is too long, I often lose focus and get lost in the story. I would however say that the movie was very eventful and the beginning really got my attention. The lack of women was a bit of a shame but the one that actually had a big part, Emma (Haley Bennett), was badass. I have to say that it was the characters that made the whole movie because they were so cool and extraordinary. The title lives up to its name. So if you are like me and don’t really like western movies, you should give this one a try. If you do like western movies, then you have probably already seen this one, but if you haven’t, watch it!

My rating: 6,8/10 🤠




Hi friends! So the very sad time has come, season 10 of Doctor Who has ended and there will be no more reviews. What am I going to watch every Saturday now?! It’s very hard for me because I am a Doctor Who fanatic but I’m going to stay strong. I did however do a review on each episode and I thought I would make a post with the links to the 12 reviews in case you wanted to read some. I’ve really enjoyed making these reviews and I’m definitely going to do the same for season 11, but this time without Peter Capaldi ( 😦 ). I really hope you have enjoyed them and season 10 of Doctor Who. It’s been a pretty good season, hasn’t it? So just click on a picture to get to a review. Thank you so much for reading, you are a pearl!

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