The Riot Club




I actually didn’t have any expectations for this movie, I just thought it could be an interesting movie to watch a boring day. So borde I was which lead to me watching this movie and also to start a blog (so good job Lone Scherfig). I’m not going to lie but the only reason I actually watched the movie was because the hottest man alive Sam Claflin was starring in it. And I can confirm that he among many others were very nice to look at.

The movie itself had a really good start and I enjoyed it for at least 30 minutes or more. Lone Scherfig did not drag out on any scene, it had a very good flow. Some movies take forever before anything actually happens but I did not think that about this one. Although some thing happened in the movie that made me wanting to turn the TV off, not trying to spoil to much but it wasn’t a pleasant scene. I did also miss all the girls, I’m not complaining about all the yummy guys but the lack of girls were kind of bad. Let me just warn you that if you really don’t like watching movies where the men have most of the power you should probably not watch this one.

Overall I think it is a good “low quality” movie and I would recommend it if you don’t know what to watch a rainy Saturday night. If you like good looking British guys (because who doesn’t) this is the movie for you. I would probably give it 3 stars out of 5!



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