Men in black II


Yes, Men in black is back. You know what they say, “once you go black you never go back”. Just going to give a silent minute for Will Smith’s acting, stunning! I think he is so funny and I enjoy every minute watching him. Men in black is a movie i would call “like no other”, the creativity goes beyond anything else. I did enjoy the first movie like I did this one, seeing all the aliens is somehow just funny and entertaining. The movie is very high rated which I on some level do understand because it’s so different but at the same time I do not see the storyline. It had some confusing parts like talking about som light in the beginning. Might have been just that I was more focused on my candy (guilty). What I like was the talking dog, made my day basically, both funny and entertaining! I did also like that they brought back agent K, hurray for that!

As with the other Men in black movie I kind of don’t get how anybody couldn’t have noticed the aliens yet. I would not say that they are hiding very well but then again MIB have their “memory stick”. Another think I found pretty weird was the girl in the movie.

I would say that this picture explains the movie pretty well so if that movie address you then why are you reading this? Go and watch the movie! Like before, I don’t consider it a bad movie, it has a lot of creativity and that might be why I liked it. Of corse it had to do with all the awesome aliens as well, because who doesn’t like aliens?! I would give it a 3/5!



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