Annie (2014)


Annie (2014) is about little orphan Annie (Quvenzhané Wallis) who lives in a foster home with her mean foster mother (Cameron Diaz). One day Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx), who desperately wants to become the mayor, saves her life. He decides to use Annie to win the campaign and become the mayor, and in the process both his and Annies life changes.

I actually didn’t know it was a musical, or at least similar to one. That was a pleasant surprise, because it made the movie a little more fun to watch. I really enjoyed the movie because it was a fun story about love and friendship. It had some unrealistic parts but overall it was a color strong movie with a lot of happiness. After watching the movie you become happy as well. I like when a movie can make you laugh too, we all need a good old laugh sometimes! I wouldn’t say the movie is unique, but I think it is a movie children would definitely like because of the music.

I would probably give it  5 stars out of 10 (changing the scale from 1-5 to 1-10, lot easier to really se the difference now).



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