Inside out



Inside out is about 5 emotions controlling young Riley’s feelings, making her feel sadness, joy, disgust etc. After sadness mixes with some memory spheres Joy and Sadness are trying to make everything right before Riley forgets every important memory and feelings she ever experienced.

Disney pixar made it again. I laughed, cried, awwed and much more! Seeing small creatures control ones mood and memories is just fun. What I would like to see more of was Riley’s life instead of just the emotions, and also more of Disgust because I loved her. The movie focused much on just Joy and Sadness when in fact Anger, Fear and Disgust were more fun (according to me).  I was actually surprised that a lot of people loved sadness, I thought she was very depressing (but then I guess she did a good job because that was what she was suppose to be).

If you like animated movies like Up, Toy Story etc. this would probably fit you like the hand in a glove. Give it a watch and see what you think! 4 out of 5 stars! 



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