Star Wars: Episode V



The new Star Wars is approaching fast (in cinema December 16), and because of that I thought it would be fun to review Star Wars V and VI. If you want to read my review on the first movie you can click here.

Darth Vader is after Luke Skywalker and his friends (Han, Lea, R2-D2 etc.). Luke travle to Yoda  so he can become a Jedi. Meanwhile Han, princess Lea and the gang travels to Cloud City, soon to be discovered that they have been tracked by Boba Fett whose working with Vader. Luke break off is training with master Yoda to travels to the Cloud City to save his friends, and to meet his enemy Darth Vader.

I think it is good that the story is not just about Luke, but also focuses on other characters. That makes the story more interesting and not boring at all. It also feels like Star Wars focuses more on a good story rather than good effects. In todays movie I feel like the producers just focus on high technology scenes rather than a good story-line.

One thing I think the Star Wars movies did very bad was the scene transitions, just me? They are pretty rubbish, but the movie is also pretty old and the technology has come a far way. In this movie there is also many unanswered questions that raises a lot of question marks. Lucky us that there is one more movie in the series!

Go and watch the movies! I love the Star Wars series and i’m sooooooo excited for the new Star Wars saga, whop whop! 8 out of 10 STARS!



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