My Favorite Christmas Movies

Christmas is arriving fast, and since I am going to be away a lot in December and with all the christmas shopping and cooking this blog will be difficult to update. Therefore I though I would recommend some christmas movies I watch every year and love so much!

Fred Claus – one of my favorite christmas movies, such a funny movie that really get you in the christmas spirit!      Trailer



The Holiday – one of the more romantic christmas movie which actually gives you the perspective of christmas in Los Angeles and London! Great actors/actresses as well!      Trailer



Arthur Christmas – a funny animated christmas movie, fairly new and a good story-line!    Trailer



The Polar Express – as a kid this was my favorite christmas movie, very funny that it’s a animated musical (actually good songs).   Trailer



Elf – Unique story, very odd but still very funny!     Trailer



Four Christmases – Shows you that christmas is celebrated differently in each family, romantic christmas movie!    Trailer



Home alone – A real christmas comedy, will definitely make you laugh!      Trailer





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