Two Weeks Notice

A romantic movie about fighting for what is right and wrong and having to sacrifice things to do so. Lucy (Sandra Bullock) start working as a lawyer for the spoiled and selfish George Wade (Hugh Grant) so she can save an old building from getting demolished. She would never have guessed how demanding and stressful the job was. Directed by Marc Lawrence.

This is a really “feel good” movie and one that makes you think there is true love and a happily ever after. I really like watching romantic movies because they make me feel good and maybe daydream a little. I actually had a little crush on Hugh Grant when I was younger, very inappropriate because of the age differences but something about him is a little dreamy.

The story is a bit predictable and I just waited for people to express their feelings that they did not know they had but were pretty obvious throughout the whole movie.  I feel like romantic movies can be quite similar and it had a vibe of the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic (which I really like) but there were still not the same storyline.

This among pretty much all romantic movies I believe is great and wonderful if one like romantic movies. If one don’t they should still watch it because romantic movies are one of the best (which I actually say about many genres). I think Sandra Bullocks and Hugh Grant are terrific actors as well! I give it 7/10 stars!



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