Tarzan (1999)

They call him ape-man but his real name is Tarzan. Tarzan was raised by gorillas after his parents were killed by a jaguar. He knew he was different but could never understand why, until one day when Jane and her father traveled to Africa to study gorillas. Little did they know that they were going to find Tarzan, who also got to know the truth about who he was. Directed by Chris Buck and Kevin Lima.

The movie is very different and in some places very unrealistic, like 99% of the animated movies. It is very funny to see how the animations improvs throughout time and the animation is very good as well (movie was released in 1999).

I must say that they had a much longer background story than I remembered, I was actually surprised by how much you got to see of his childhood. At some point I thought I had accidentally started Tarzan II (which is about when he were a little boy). It was not bad that they had focused so much on him as a boy but then it felt like they had to rush the story with Tarzan and Jane because she came in the picture very late. That also made it a bit difficult to keeping up with all that was going on, because they changed scenes and jumped and so on.

Overall is it a very good an enjoyable movie and it is very fun to see how a human would behave if he/she would grow up among gorillas, as Tarzan did. One might say that The Jungle Book is a bit similar but Mowgli did not have the same impact by the environment than Tarzan had (according to me), or they were at least a bit different comparing the way they walked, talked etc.

6.9/10 STARS!!

Just have to say that the music in the movie was so good as well, really lovely songs that made the movie beautiful.




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