Movies at the Cinema in 2016

A new year, yes indeed and I am looking forward to all the new movies coming out this year! I believe this is the year for action, even though I am very sad that neither Star Wars VIII nor The Maze Runner: The Death Cure will come out this year (but thankfully 2017). It is also very miserable that The Hunger Games series has ended, I can not believe that after four years there will be no more Katniss and Peeta. I do think this is the year for Marvel though, and I am really looking forward to that (#hughloveformarvel)!!

There are a lot of movies I really want to see at the cinema this year, like all the other years, but unfortunately does it cost a lot of money and therefore I have decided to reduce the list (but let me tell you it was not easy). I do still have a lot of movies I am hoping I am going to see but here is my preliminary list:

the 5th wave










IMDb-iconYouTube-icon-full_color  I am actually not at all excited for this movie, mainly because Insurgent was really bad, I have read the book Allegiant and it was really bad and they decided to make the book in to two parts which were very unnecessary. I am how ever going to watch it because I have watch the other two at the cinema and because I love Theo James (and also Four in the movie). I did love the Divergent and Insurgent books and therefore I also feel some obligation to watch the movies (even though they did not live up to my expectations).


bat v super.jpg












Alice Through the Looking Glass.jpg



The Legend of Tarzan.jpg



Suicide Squad.jpg



Finding Dory.jpg

IMDb-iconYouTube-icon-full_color I actually saw Finding Nemo at the cinema when I was younger, so I am really looking forward to seeing Finding Dory after all these years of waiting.


Doctor Strange.jpg


It is a little sad that there is so many movies I want to watch that comes out in spring, I would have liked if it had been distributed throughout the year.  However I am thankful that so many good movies comes out and I am really looking forward to seeing them!


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