The Man from U.N.C.L.E.



One of USA’s and Russia’s best agents have to work together to prevent a global nuclear holocaust. They need to keep the daughter of a german scientist – who’s disappeared – to prevent her from being kidnapped and held as a hostage from the criminal organization who’s building nuclear weapons. Directed by Guy Ritchie.

I have to say that this is not my “ordinary” choice of movie but I was definitely surprised (in a good way). The beginning was a bit confusing and I had a hard time both understanding what was going on at the same time as I was not impressed with the story. Although, as the movie continued it became more and more exciting! It is also very fun when action movies put in comedy, which was included and that always improves the movie. The ending might have been a little predictable, I feel like there are a lot of action movies whit the same ending. I would like to see a different ending for a change.

It was the first movie I saw with Alicia Vikander and I was very excited to see her acting since we’re from the same country (so I feel extra proud). I believe she did a great job, even though her german accent were not always on point. It was also interesting for me to watch Henry Cavill in any other role than super gorgeous Superman.  I love him in Man of Steel but he did a great job in this movie as well, and he is very very pleasant to look at!

The movie were a nice surprise and therefore I give it 6.8/10 stars! I believe this would be perfect for anyone who likes action, or are in the mood for action atm.



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