Guardians of the Galaxy



Five criminal fugitives are working together to prevent Thanos from destroying the galaxy. Whit different pasts and goals they have to unite which turns out to be more beneficial than the could ever predict. Directed by James Gunn.

I feel like this is a little different movie than Marvels originals (Iron Man, Captain America etc.) but that does not stop me from loving it! It is such a good movie which blends both romance, comedy and action. What makes this movie a bit different from the other Marvel movies is the comedy, because James Gunn has really focused on capturing the comedy to a good level. I did also like Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, he did a really good job being a hero, romantic and funny.

If I must complain about something it would be the fight, I believe it was a bit too long. Sometimes during the fight nothing really did happen, which was a bit boring. That was just a tinny thing though, because I really enjoyed the story and also though it was fun that there were music in the movie so you could relate more.

This film makes me want to read the Guardians of the Galaxy comics! Hopefully are they as good as the movie was. So I give it 9/10 stars!



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