Pan (2015)



I’m sure we have all heard the legendary story about Peter Pan, the flying boy who never grows up, but this movie tells us how little Peter really came to Neverland in the first place. Pan is about the young orphan boy Peter who one day during world war II gets kidnapped by pirates and is taken to Neverland. The cruelest pirate Blackbeard takes people and forces them to work in the mines to find pixistones (diamonds). There is a legend which says that one boy – who can fly – will defeat Blackbeard, and now it is up to Peter, James Hook and Tiger Lily to save Neverland. Directed by Joe Wright. 

I just have to say that the graphics are breathtaking, just absolutely marvelous!  The next thing is the storyline, such a funny idea for a movie! I really liked how you got answerers to questions like: How did Peter Pan come to Neverland? or Why is Hook there?. The movie was intriguing and exciting whit something happening most of the time. The only thing that might have been a little weird were the ending, a bit messy for my taste.

Since Amanda Seyfried is one of my favorite actresses I were extra happy (and also surprised) to see her in the movie. She was unfortunately not a big part of the movie but it is the thought that counts. One thing that I however was really shocked about was that Hugh Jackman played Blackbeard, that was a “say whaaaaat” moment for me. It definitely did not look like him, or at least i thought so, but maybe I am too used of seeing him in X-Men. Just going to put it out that he did a tremendously good job!

I hope there will be a sequel where you get to see the story we all know so well about Peter Pan, Wendy and more. I do really think there will be one though. I give it 7/10 stars!




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