Hotel Transylvania 2



The sequel to Hotel Transylvania is here and this time with a new character. Vampire Mavis and human Jonathan have a little kid Dennis and grandpa Dracula make it his task to turn Dennis into a vampire. Marvis does rather want Dennis to have a normal life and decides to go to California with Jonathan to look for a potential home. Meanwhile Dracula and the team takes Dennis on a scary adventure. Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. 

I really like the movie and though it was exciting. Dennis was adorable and funny which also made the movie better. I don’t think there were boring scenes or anything like that but the story might not have been the most creative. I believe the ending were a bit weird as well whit a random fight that did not make much sense.

It is a good family movie and I believe this would be very popular among younger people but this is a good movie if you want to see one with the family or if you just want to watch an animated movie! I give it 6/10 stars!



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