Miss Congeniality


Sandra Bullock does it again in Miss Congeniality. She is a secret agent for the FBI and has to go undercover at a Miss United States beauty pageant in order to save the residents. But becoming a model might be the hardest thing on this mission and she also learns a great deal on her journey. Directed by Donald Petrie. 

First thing first, Sandra Bullock is an amazing and extremely talented actress and I love every single movie she is in. She can really play totally different characters perfectly and she is so funny. Thanks to her this movie was both funny, exciting and a bit romantic. It was a lot like The Princess Diaries whit the concept of making a careless (of her look) woman into an angel. I feel that these kinds of movies do have a wrong message though… No mater how you look, you are beautiful and it is actually sad that she had to transfer so much to look rather “representable” or as we may call it gorgeous (maybe you want to use the word hot).  But it was still fun to see how she, who were against makeup and dresses, transferred and managed to make the beauty contest into something different.

I think the movie is worth seeing and I believe you should go and watch it. It is really fun to see a woman change and maybe finding who she really is. I give the movie 6/10 stars because I still feel like the bad guys were a bit wimpy and did not have a good reason to blow up people.



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