Smallville vs Supergirl Confusion

tumblr_nzm16dsemQ1t1sb7ho4_540I have seen the whole Smallville series and Man of Steel because I love Superman. It is really confusing when there are different actors and maybe different stories but they were both fairly similar. I think both Henry Cavill and Tom Welling did an amazing job as Superman and I wasn’t confused or anything like that. So when I heard Supergirl was going to be produced I was very happy. Unfortunately was my emotion crushed,  because I was so confused by the story (since it’s not the same as the Kara story in Smallville). I like Melissa Benoist, she does Supergirl really well but Supergirl’s whole background story is to confusing for me since I’m thinking to much about the other Kara story in Smallvillemanofsteel1

The reason why I wrote this was because there is news that Laura Vandervoort (who played Kara in Smallville) will be in an episode in Supergirl. I just thought about how much of a trouble Supergirl was for me to watch, but I’m still watching it because I really like DC Comics and think it is a really good series. I am also getting used to the new story about Kara and think it is interesting and exceptional. A new episode will be out 18 Jan.



3 thoughts on “Smallville vs Supergirl Confusion

  1. I think Laura Vandervoort was wonderful as Supergirl, I wish she could have done more. It will be interesting to see her as a villain, apparently in more than just one episode.

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