The Jungle Book (1967)

As a baby Mowgli’s mother left him in India’s jungle. The panther Bagheera finds him and let a pack of wolves take care of him. After some years they decide that they have to send Mowgli to the human village so the evil tiger Shere Khan won’t kill him. That is when Mowgli meets Baloo, and Baloo decides to take care of the boy. Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman

I remember how much I liked this movie when I was younger, maybe it was because a boy lived with animals and could talk to them. The music is also a factor of why the movie is so good. I think Disney are really talented with the music in their movies, and it makes me want to dance along. I must say that the storyline were a bit confusing though, it felt like they jumped from scenes to scenes which were a bit poorly done.

What I did not remember and thought was very sad, was how long it took for Baloo to enter. I think he is a major part of why this movie is so funny and good and therefore I would have liked to see him earlier on. One tip though, if you want your child to live then don’t follow Baloo’s parenthood.

This is definitely a movie I will show my child/children (if I will have any) because it is a funny movie and the music is also great! I give it 6.9/10 stars.



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