Failure to Launch



Tripp is a 35 year old man who still lives with his parents. They have decided it is time for him to move out and hires an expert who will make him fall in love with her and then move out. Paula – the expert – had her strict list to follow to get him fall in love, but as the time goes she realizes that she gets further away from the list and more emotionally attached. Directed by Tom Dey

What I liked about this movie was the unique story, because often romantic movies have quite similar stories which can get a little boring in the end. The ending were however predictable and good (and that is probably why I like romantic movies).

The movie was eventful 90% of the time, in the end it became a bit uninteresting. I really like Matthew McConaughey’s acting but I must say that I don’t really like Sarah Jessica Parker’s. I don’t really know why but she just doesn’t convince me, and it is not just this movie, it is in every movie I have seen her in. I did however really like seeing Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper together because they are both huge actors and just feels a bit different I guess, but they did a great job being each others friends.  

It was a good romantic movie, so grab your special one or friends or parents and watch it! I give it 6.5/10 stars!





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