Dance-off (2014)


As children JT and Jasmine were a great team, in both dancing and friendship. When JT has to move away because of money issues Jasmine feels betrayed because her best friend never said goodbye. Years later they both meet each other again, but this time as dance rivals. Directed by Alex Di Marco

I usually love dance movies like Step Up etc. Although, this movie was a bit dorky and it took a while before I actually got interested in the plot. When they danced against each other the movie became better and more appealing, the choreography was good as well. Some dance movies can be very unrealistic due to a bad choreography and the team still becomes the best in the country or world, nja I don’t fall for that. In that way this movie were better because the dances were good.

For me this was a great movie when I had nothing else to do, and I am not just saying that because I though it was bad (because I didn’t). I probably wouldn’t have watched it if I wasn’t bored so I am glad I was. I think you should really like dance movies if you want to watch this, or if you just want to see something romantic that are on a Disney Channel level. I give it 5.6/10 stars.



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