My Favorite Actresses

It is not easy to have favorite actors/actresses (why can’t they have the same name though, like in Sweden where you call both gender “skådespelare”) because one might be good in a movie and bad in another. But like musicians, does not all songs appeal to one. My opinion does often change as well and I find new ones at the same time as old ones disappears from the screen. For the moment I do however have 3 actresses that are my favorite and here they are (don’t mind the order):

#1 Amanda Seyfried



If you have read my reviews then Amanda Seyfried won’t be a surprise because I tend to point her out if she’s a part of a movie…  First time I saw her in a movie was in Mamma Mia and I though she was amazing (still is). I basically saw this movie with my mum when it came out and she had the most beautiful voice and she’s so pretty in the movie (still is). Amanda Seyfried have been in different genres but I think she is best in romantic movies. A movie I actually can say is my favorite is Letters to Juliet and she is of course the main character in the movie.  She plays different roles very well and that is a reason why I think she is great! I really think it is destiny that we are born on the same day as well, haha.


#2 Anne Hathaway



I first saw Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, and she was not that old but still an amazing and talented actress. The reason why she is one of my favorite is because she often is very funny and she plays different characters very well. For me it can be really hard to see the same actress play different roles because they often have a glimpse of the same character even though it is different movies, but I have never felt that with Anne Hathaway. She is not just a super good actress in romantic movies, due to her fantastic job as Cat-woman (Selina) in The Dark Knight Rises  and other movies.


#3 Emma Stone



First time I saw Emma Stone was in Easy A and the reason why I liked her so much is because she felt very different from all the other actresses, maybe because she has red hair (not many do). Okay not just because of her hair but her acting feels different, unique in some way. You might have to watch a movie starring her to know what I mean so do that! I think she played Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man really well too, she and Andrew Garfield though… She just feels different and that is mainly why I like her!


I would have liked to say Jennifer Lawrence as well due to her performance in The Hunger Games but I haven’t liked her in other movies she has been in, like Silver Linings Playbook.


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