My Life in Ruins


The seconds movie whit greek Georgia which actually has nothing to do whit the first movie, which I thought. So Georgia is stuck working as a travel guide in Greece while applying for a job as a teacher. She is all for the greek history but that is not as appealing for the tourists. Her new group might be a hard task for Georgia but she would never have guessed how they could change her. Directed by Donald Petrie

It is fun, it is romantic, it really makes me want to go on a sunny vacation but no no I am stuck in cold, soon to be snowy, Sweden. Lucky I can watch other people on vacation at least. I do really like seeing other cultures in movies because I’m very interested in different cultures. It was cool to see some places in Athen and learn a bit of greek history (in a fun way).

The movie had some uninteresting parts but was over all good. The thing that made the movie different was the greek part and also the reason why I enjoyed it.

This movie is for people who love romance and comedy all in one. I give it 5.5/10 stars!



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