Spy Kids (2001)


Carmen and Juni lived a normal life whit normal boring parents who actually are secret agents. After nine years away from being an agent their parents go away to find a lost agent and gets kidnaped. When the bad guys try to take Carmen and Juni they finds out their parents are missing and goes on a mission to find them. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

This was one of my favorite movies as a child. For every kid who dreamed about becoming a spy this was and is the perfect movie. Just going to say that it probably also gives the complete wrong picture of how it is to be a spy. Spy Kids have many funny scenes and just technology that you wish you owned yourself, like electric shock bubble gum, hell yeah!

The graphics and effects were really bad and there were a lot of action moves that were very unreal. If the effects wouldn’t have been so bad the movie would have been perfect because the story was unique and funny. I think Alexa PenaVega and Daryl Sabara did a great job as spies! They are one of the reason I think the movie was so good and also the two sequels they were in (because I did not like Spy Kids 4’s new children, they didn’t do as god job being spies and all).

I give the movie 7.0/10 stars, feels like nostalgia to watch it!



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