My Paragraph: Movie Edition

I had an english assignment to write a paragraph about someone we admire, I though it was a fun assignment and I am a little proud of it. It was the first time I ever wrote one, but the reason why I wanted to publish it was because I used the theme Movie and therefore I thought it would be very suited for this blog!

The Story In My Movie

You are similar to my favorite movie, filled with love even till the last minute. When life has been rough, you have been the hero saving me from the fall. You are stronger than the strongest superheroes and your caring could not even fill the largest screen. You are my classic, never running out of date. Even in the darkest cinema, you are the light that guides me. Your kindness is a treasure, one that can not measure with all the gold in The Pirates of The Caribbean. If we would be Jack and Rose, I promise I would never let you go.


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