Fantastic Four (2005)


My rating: 7,8/10 ⭐

Cast: Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Julian McMahon etc. (full cast)

Director: Tim Story

Marvel’s Fantastic Four is about five persons who receives special powers after being exposed to a cosmic radiation in space. Social media makes Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben the Fantastic Four after saving countless of humans on a bridge. Victor von Doom has different plans than becoming a superhero, he instead hungers for all the power in the world. 

Fantastic Four might be one of Marvel’s least popular movies and to be honest I don’t see how. I haven’t really heard many people who liked the movie and my conclusion is that they are robots. Looks like the humanity has come so far that I don’t see the difference between robots and humans anymore, damn. On a serious note though, I really liked the movie from the first moment I saw it (which was a very long time ago). I think the storyline is extraordinary, elaborated and very fun. Marvel often focus on just one protagonist and another reason why I like this movie so much is due to the four protagonists. It makes the movie different and I like to see something different from time to time, seeing the similar plot all the time can become boring (but never with Marvel of course because I mean it’s Marvel).

f1dc2dafa4051604650bb919e39f022fThe first time I saw this movie Chris Evans hadn’t become Captain la_ca_0102_Captain_AmericaAmerica but it is really fun to see how he has developed. Johnny and Steve Rogers have two complete different character traits and I must say that I enjoy seeing Chris Evans play a funny character, considering he is a very though, serious and emotionless guy in Captain America (still love Captain America, no hate). I do however must say that he is suited to be a superhero!


I was actually considering comparing this movie and the new Fantastic Four movie, which came out last year. I did however realize that I would hype this movie so much and trash talk the one who came out last year. I just feel like the actors in the newer one didn’t fit and the storyline were long and boring. I did watch it at the cinema and I do wish I could go back in time and say that it won’t be worth it. I am not the biggest fan of Miles Teller either so when I heard that he was going to play Reed I was very disappointed, because Ioan Gruffudd does an amazing job.

One thing I’m always thinking about when I’m watching a Marvel movie is that if the movies would be real we would have to rebuild New York so many times. In basically every Marvel movie New York always becomes destroyed, maybe it is time to destroy another city.




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