New Allegiant Trailer

A new Allegiant trailer came out yesterday, a bit weird trailer that doesn’t really show much about the movie. If they are going to say “based on the book” I’m really going to laugh because Insurgent as well as these trailers looks nothing like the books. I guess the Divergent movie was okay (but not Hunger Games good). I hated the last book too so I’m so not excited about the movie, especially not after Insurgent. I do also hate it when they divide it into two parts. The reason why I’m watching the movies are because I love the Divergent and Insurgent books and I love Theo James.


2 thoughts on “New Allegiant Trailer

  1. This should be interesting because if I remember the ending correctly (and I could be confusing this series with another), the ending had people quite miffed. It seems to me like the wait time between publishing the book and adapting it to film is getting shorter and shorter all the time.

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  2. Yep, I hated the ending which was very sad because the trilogy could have been one of my favorites. I do agree, I think they should put more effort into the movies even though we might have to wait an extra year.

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