The 5th Wave


So I went to the cinema and was going to watch The 5th Wave but the staff did something wrong and the horror movie The Forest started to play. I freaked out a little because I hate horror movies! First I thought it was a long and weird trailer but then people started to say that they had put on the wrong movie. Even though I had to wait 30 min to watch The 5th Wave we all got an extra ticket to watch any movie we wanted (whenever we wanted) so it was worth it. Now on to the review!

My rating: 7/10 ⭐

Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Alex Roe, Liev Schreiber, Zackary Arthur (full cast)

Director: J Blakeson

In the 5th Wave we follow Cassie who used to be a normal teenager but now is fighting to survive. Aliens have invaded earth in desperate need of the planet, but not the humans. They have 5 stages, or waves, to eliminate the human species. Cassie has to find her brother without getting killed and meets a rather interesting person on her quest. 

I didn’t have many expectations of the movie but I was definitely surprised in a very good way. I thought the movie was interesting and there were not several extended scenes which I thought was very positive. Something that also was very satisfying was the actors. I don’t really like when the same actor star in every single movie and I do think Chloë Grace Moretz is in to many movies right now (same thing happened with Shailene Woodley two years ago). I’m not saying that she did a bad job, I think rather the opposite that she did an amazing job. Although, it can be a little to much when one sees the same actor in plenty of movies (my opinion). I must say that Nick Robinson and Alex Roe where eye candy times million! They did an amazing job as well but they were also very nice to look at.

In the final scene the only thing I could think about was “don’t end, don’t end don’t end… no it ended”. I think the final scene might have been a bit weird and not very “final scene likely”. I did however wanted to see more so I’m not disappointed. What I believe was less good about the movie might have been that some scenes were very short and unnecessary but other than that I can’t really see anything wrong with the movie. I have seen that the ratings on Imdb wasn’t that good and I don’t understand why. One of the reasons to why I almost always don’t care what rating a movie has on Imdb, I usually rely on the trailer.



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