Me Before You – Official Trailer

Wow, it took a really long time before this movie got a trailer considering Me Before You soon will be out in cinemas. I’ve told myself to read the book before I watch the movie but I need to get my hand on the book first. The book is supposed to be amazing so I’m really looking forward to reading it, although I heard the plot is really sad and I do not handel tragic books/stories (I always cry so much there is no tears left in me). The movie looks very enjoyable and I love that Sam Claflin is in it (one of my favorite actors)!


2 thoughts on “Me Before You – Official Trailer

  1. oh wow, I finally saw the full trailer last night, and, I just know, if I ever manage to make it through this movie I will be a sobbing wreck by the time it is over. I love these kinds of movies (but at the same time I also hate them a little because of the emotional roller coaster it puts me through), wow it looks great though!

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  2. I actually started crying just after watching the trailer, haha. It’s exactly the same with me, I love and hate these kinds of movies!! My friend always tells me to read the book, but I’m more of a movie fan.

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