New In!

I had a horrible experience last week, when approximately ten of my movies fell down from a shelf. It was like dropping a brand new Iphone on the floor, yep that terrible. I think all the disks didn’t get damaged but I’m terrified they won’t work. Let just say that my shelf and I have som relationship issues right now *stares with angry eyes at the shelf*. I did however feel a little lucky because I had just moved my new movies from the end to the middle of the shelf, which means that they are perfectly fine (hurray).

A dream and goal of mine is to have a bookshelf or a wall full of movies (like in The Holiday, if you have seen it). I have Netflix and all so it is not just because that’s the only way for me to watch a movie. It’s just that it feels so special to actually own my favorite movies and be able to just look at them everyday (collecting dust). I don’t just buy any movie, it’s just my favorites or ones I would like to watch a couple of times. I feel like it would be so amazing to have a wall full of my favorite movies and so far I just got two shelfs. I always try to buy movies when the price is low (because the regular price is extremely high, specially for a movie, at least in Sweden). So there were a little sale on movies and I decided to buy three new ones, one was unfortunately broken (not the disk but the case) and I did not bother returning it (the disadvantage of being lazy).





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