Life Unexpected

Life Unexpected was released from 2010-2011 and got 26 episodes. Lux is a sixteen year old foster girl who needs to receive her biological parents signatures to be emancipated. She finds her dad, a bar owner with two roommates who didn’t know he had a daughter. She also manage to find her mother, a radio host who is afraid to become too attached to people. After the judge doesn’t allow Lux an emancipation the two long lost parents decides to take her in and none of their lives would ever be the same.

Wow, this series… I started watching it a couple of days ago and since then I have had lack of sleep everyday. While I’m writing this I have just finished the series and I am crying all the water out of me. Life Unexpected only has two seasons with 13 episodes in each, but I must say that I am really surprised it didn’t got another season because I thought both season one and two were amazingly good. Well the last episodes in season two were not that great, but the rest of the series was. The ending was pretty amazing as well.


When I first saw this series on Netflix I didn’t know it only had two seasons and after season one, when I found out that it just had two seasons, I didn’t know if it was worth watching. Although, the first season was just extremely incredible and therefore I decided to watch the whole thing. I believe the reason why I started watching it was because I saw Britt Robertson was the star in the series and I like her (she is in The first time, Disney Tomorrowland: A world beyond and much more). Another person I didn’t knew was in Life Unexpected was Austin Butler, and I was really happy because he is just so cute and a really good actor (I’ve seen him in The Carrie Diaries). Another person I recognized was Kerr Smith, who is (or was) in The Fosters. Lastly we have the two main characters Shiri Appleby and Kristoffer Polaha. I had actually never heard of them before but my friend recognized Shiri Appelby from other series I believe. They all did an amazing job and I really believed every characters ages. Sometimes actors are way too old unlike their characters age, but everyones ages matched really well and it felt real.

My friend asked me if I would recommend the series to her and I must say that I was doubtful. I loved the series, but it isn’t fun when it’s just two seasons. It would however be a really good series if one just wants to watch something over perhaps a break and not get too attached. If one does not have time or just a little time and wants to watch a series without having to track it every week this is the one and only. I do definitely not regret watching it because it is a marvelous series, it’s just hard when it’s over (just like every other series that ends).



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