How to Be Single


My Rating: 5/10 ⭐

Release Date: February 2016

Cast: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Anders Holm, Alison Brie… (full list)

Director: Christian Ditter

This movie is about four people living the single life. Alice (Dakota Johnson) have always been in a relationship and wants to take a break and try to be single for a while. Robin (Rebel Wilson) has always been single and takes on the task to show Alice how amazing it is to be a single woman. Meg has never wanted a kid but will now take on the task to be a single mother. Lucy has never find a guy who wants to marry her and is now looking for the one right guy. 

I really thought this movie would be better but I was very disappointed… First thing first, the movie title How to Be Single is a no no, as well as the trailer. They both showed a wrong picture of what the movie really was about. I really dislike when that happens, because it’s like I’ve paid for a movie that is suppose to reflect the trailer but turns out to be a complete different movie/story. They focused way too much on the relationships rather than being single. There were hardly any suggestions of “how to be single” or how good/bad it would be.

I think there were four different stories with four main characters but they were not connected to each other and I’m not even sure there were suppose to be four different stories. Every story had no purpose and it was really hard to tell the development with the stories. All that just made the whole movie messy. I neither like Dakota Johnson, I think she was very bad in Fifty Shades of Grey (but I can’t blame her on some level because the whole movie was crappy). I don’t really like to say that actors are bad because they are just doing their best but she made the movie worse, I just think she is very awkward (and I don’t really believe that was her role) and she is very stiff. I’m so sorry Dakota…

I did however think the ending wrapped up the movie pretty well. It was a good ending that made the movie whole. There were also some funny moments where I actually laughed, much thanks to Rebel Wilson because she is such a good actress and so funny. The movie was not that bad, I thought it would be better but I still enjoyed watching it (sometimes). I don’t think it’s worth the money though. Have a great weekend and keep on watching movies!



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