Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

I’m very sad that it is Monday because my weekend was pretty marvelous! I went to London because my sister turned 25 this Saturday and therefore me and my family came to visit. Not fun to come back to plenty of homework but I shall manage! I’ve been to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter and I would definitely recommend you to visit it if you’re ever going to London, it is really amazing! I didn’t get to see the train (because it came a year or two later after I had visit it) and would really enjoy going there again to see it, yes I would pay just to see the train.

So this weekend I forced my parents to King’s Cross station to see the Harry Potter platform 9 3/4 and let me say that it is a big tourist trap! They actually filmed it on platform 4 and the “sign” isn’t even there, but instead inside the station. They have basically put up a “9 3/4” sign and put a wagon there as well. You can take a photo with it (or actually the staff do) with a Gryffindor scarf and more, pretty cool actually. The queue however was too long and I had unfortunately no time to stand in it.Even if it’s not much to see I still thought it was fun because I love Harry Potter. There were a gift shop next to it so I thought I would post what I bought! There were plenty of people in it as well, I mean they really have to make a lot of money on that. My mum actually said that she was going to open something similar and make plenty of money! 😀

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