Two New Trailers (!!!)

What a great day with two new trailers! Could we even ask for something better? I am really looking forward to both of the movies and I will hopefully see X-Men at the cinema (feels like I have forced people to the cinema too many times now). It feels a little bit odd that Alexander Skarsgård is playing Tarzan because he’s becoming a little old right now (?). I do however not mind that because he looks really good, hehe…

I don’t really know how much this Tarzan story overlap with the animated one because from the trailer I wouldn’t say that they look fairly similar. I don’t think the trailer was the best I’ve ever seen, there were a lot going and it made me a bit confused. I really hope the movie will be better. I am always doubtful when it comes to trailers because sometimes trailers makes the movie look amazing and then the movie turns out to be rubbish and vice versa.

The X-Men trailer looked really awesome! I love X-Men and always have, and even though there’s plenty of X-Men movies I don’t think they’re becoming worse. I must confess that I really miss Hugh Jackman (may he always be in my heart)! Funny thing though, I have never enjoyed any of the Wolverine movies, although that is due to their catastrophic plots. I feel like there’s plenty of “big” celebrities in the new X-Men, for example Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner and Olivia Munn.







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