Daredevil – Season 2


My plan was to spread the episodes throughout the upcoming weeks since Netflix releases all the 13 episodes at once. Hahaha, I should really know myself better because that obviously did not happen. When Netflix automatically plays the next episode there’s just too little force in me to turn it off. The force is not strong in this one… Season two are however really good! I didn’t remember plenty from season one and I debated whether or not I would watch it again (but I didn’t). I think that is a problem with series that comes out once a year with one season, the reason being that it becomes tremendously difficult to remember what have happened before. Having to wait one year for the next season is also extremely gloomily (such a fun word, especially for its meaning).

This season has been a lot about fighting either the Punisher or a league for our own Daredevil. The whole Wilson Fisk story did rarely occur which was both bad and good. He deborah-ann-woll-as-karen-page-in-marvel-daredevil-poster-wallpaper-81577did actually pop up sometimes, but I would rather have a storyline with him than just seeing him from time to time. I did however enjoyed the Punisher’s story quite a lot. It was both intriguing and eventful and Karen made me have a soft spot for him. Speaking of Karen, I really think she appeared more this season and stood out! Karen is an awesome, strong and intelligent character in this series and I strongly like her, even more this season. Although, as Karen came forward and even Foggy (got to love him as well), I feel like Matt as well as Daredevil (same person for you who didn’t know) ended up in the shadow. I missed both Matt and Daredevil’s feelings, lives and awesomeness. If someone would have told me that he was a lawyer with Foggy I would have denied it because he barely worked. How can he even live in New York?! I’m guessing he takes the criminals drugs and money and sell it himself, just my theory.

daredevil-season-2-punisher-elektra-costumesIn plenty of series I think the story they’re going for often becomes too dragged out and tedious. The episodes in between are pointless and frankly annoying. Season two of Daredevil was not that, the villain didn’t escape all the freaking time and the fights didn’t continue throughout the whole season and oh am I glad for that… I really enjoyed seeing both Elektra and Punisher, fun with some other characters. I didn’t think Elektra’s part/story was as exciting as Punisher’s was but it was still an okey story. The last episode was however not that dramatic for an ending, which was pretty sad if you ask me but since I basically watched each and every episode in one roll it didn’t do much. I can not believe that I have to wait another year for the next season… heartbreaking. If you considering watching Daredevil I highly suggest you do, it is after all Marvel!




4 thoughts on “Daredevil – Season 2

  1. Aha to be fair, there were waaaay too many cliffhangers to not watch it back to back. Such an awesome season! Daredevil hallway/stairs fight scene and Punisher prison scenes were incredible.

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