Doctor Who (Season 1-9)


* Warning!! This post contain spoilers and if you haven’t watched Doctor Who then I suggest you do not read this. You have now been warned! 

I did a mistake… I started watching Doctor Who and now I haven’t done anything else which is pretty bad because I have a lot of schoolwork to do. It took me a while to start watching this series because the old version has 26 seasons and I thought one had to watch it all to understand the series. Later on I discovered that there was a remake, or a modern version of Doctor Who (started 2005) which Netflix had so I started watching it! I LOVE the series and think it is amazing. There are nine seasons so far and I could write plenty about the seasons, but I don’t have time for that and no one would be able to read through it all. Instead I will do a little summary of these nine seasons and what I think about the series overall. I’m not sure if I should watch the old one with 26 seasons, it goes so far back but maybe it’s worth it…


The reason why I thought this series was/is marvelous is because there’s such a good balance between action, comedy, friendship, drama and more! Every episode feels unique and I never got bored or uninterested. One thing that I had trouble coping with was, in the beginning, how often they changed the female character (but maybe the Doctor too) because when I got attached they would just vanish. I must say that it was weird watching a series where the main characters got exchanged so much. Two female characters that I just didn’t get a connection with was Rose and River. I thought Rose was over dramatic and often extremely emotional. The reason why I didn’t like River was because I thought the whole “River-story” was boring and very bad. I believe that story destroyed the series for a moment, I just thought it was a weird plot and very spontaneous (like they were all out of ideas, and that is often when they come up with something worse). I think the actress looked far too old as well, if they now had to have that story (but I wouldn’t mind if they deleted it) then at least have someone that doesn’t look like the Doctors mother. I hate that the 11th Doctor had to be in just that plot, such a shame that Matt Smith got the River part. Speaking of him, why didn’t we get to know how he got his new face?!?!

Another thing I thought was really great with the series was that some episodes had guesttumblr_o3d57e4gFc1sgmc2zo7_250 stars. When I watched it I was like “omg that is Andrew Garfield“!! Some other famous guest stars were Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Maisie Williams and James Corden. I really thought it was funny to see faces I recognized, it took the episodes to such a high level!!


Now, who’s my favorite Doctor? I think they all have done a great job, even though the 9th doctor didn’t have many episodes. If the 10th doctor wastumblr_o3d57e4gFc1sgmc2zo4_250 “over hyped” and full of energy, and the 12th too serious, then the 11th doctor was perfect! In other words, my favorite doctor is the 11th doctor!! It was between the 10th and 11th but I think the 11th one was more fun and sometimes the 10th doctor had too much energy and just ran around (but he is still a BOSS). I think Peter Capaldi did an okey job but he is way too often so serious and boring and that’s why I loved Matt Smith because he was the very opposite. David Tennant did do an amazing job being the doctor as well! I really liked how they had different screwdrivers and how often they used them. tumblr_o3d57e4gFc1sgmc2zo9_250That is also one thing I really missed in season 9, the screwdriver was all gone, he barely used it… Due to the 10th and 11th doctor’s energy and happiness they became my favorites! Just have to say that I enjoyed Jenna Coleman as Clara extremely much as well, she is such an amazing actress and did an awesome job!!


Doctor Who S9 - Series IconicPicture shows: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara




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