Star Trek V: The Final Frontier


Since I now have seen 5 Star Trek movies I thought it would be fun to do a little different review, and therefore I decided to do two highlights and two dislikes about the movie! 

Release Date: June 1989textST.jpg

Time: 1h 47min

Director: William Shatner

Cast: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, David Warner (full cast)

My Rating: 5/10 egcpdz



Star Trek V had a very varying environment which made the movie not feel as monotonous and uninteresting. It was very stunning to see different environments and more of the Star trek world. I definitely enjoyed watching something else than just earth or their spaceship!


The second thing I liked about this 867af5095eac0ade3ebc8e0f9a331e5fe946c858movie was that it had very different species, for example Klingons, Vulcans and of course humans. Seeing different species also made me feel like I became a part of the Star Trek universe. I really hope they will continue showing more of these different planets and species in the rest of the movies.


Continuing with the negative parts of the movie… The graphics in this movie tumblr_mk2t2wmduj1s67vyfo2_250was very very bad. I don’t say that they were good in the last Star Trek movies but it was definitely more visible in this film. There were one scene in the beginning of the movie that was just really bad…

two2 The second bad thing about this movie was that it had a very slow start. It took really long before anything actually happened and it all was a little tedious. The whole story was also pretty uninteresting and uneventful. The two previous movies had very coherent and clear storylines, but this movie hadn’t that. I thought the plot was a little messy and basically boring.


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