Star Trek VII: Generations (1994)


Release Date: November 1994

Time: 1h 58min

Director: David Carson

Cast: Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Malcolm McDowell, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes (full cast)

My Rating: 5,8/10 egcpdz

The Enterprise becomes trapped in an energy ribbon and Kirk tries to help the ship escape, but by doing so he becomes sucked out and is never found again. 78 years later the Enterprise has a new crew with its new captain, Picard. Onboard his ship is a refugee Kirk saved before he was presumed dead, and this refugee wants to find Nexus. The refugee is willing to do anything in order to get back to Nexus and it is now Picard’s job to stop him, with help from his crew and a very unexpected person. 

Celebrity City

It feels a little sad to not be able to write “Captain Kirk and his team are back on the Enterprise”. I really missed Spock and McCoy and I believe that is a reason to why I wasn’t very fond of this movie. I have a small problem when it comes to changes in the beginning,  but I often become used to them pretty fast. Although even if they were not there I still thought this movie had a very interesting plot, and I liked it. There were not many tedious scenes and the movie itself was quite eventful. The whole movie was however not that coherent, because I felt like there were some mini stories here and there.

trek7_01They jumped 78 years forward to the new crew 0n Enterprise and I thought that was a gigantic jump in time. I did have some questions from before the time jump that I would like to have an answer to, for example what happened to Scotty and Chekov?!? My problem with the time jump was also that I really wanted some connection between the new and the old crew (like relatives or something) but I was quite generationsdisappointed when I realized that there were none. I did however really like Picard as the new captain, mainly because the actor is Charles Xavier from X-men, yes it really is Patrick Stewart!!





7 thoughts on “Star Trek VII: Generations (1994)

  1. There’s no Spock and McCoy mostly because the actors playing them outright refused to return (because they felt that Star Trek VI was the appropriate send-off for the old crew). If you watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and then watch Generations, I think you’ll see why a lot of people don’t like this movie, for some they feel like it’s just an oversized episode from the tv show. First Contact (the next movie) is a LOT better (but it is cool that Kirk and Picard get to meet). And to answer one of your thoughts, they deliberately made the new series with as few connections to the old series (and crew) as possible (Gene Roddenberry wanted to “branch out” in terms of story). Isn’t Patrick Stewart just awesome as Picard? 🙂

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  2. Oh wow it’s marvelous that you know so much about Star Trek (I am a little jealous actually)!! Really nice to receive this information, thanks!!
    Yes Pat was amazing as Picard, really suited him!!

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  3. I confess I’m a huge Star Trek nerd (I’ve been watching the shows and movies since I was little), it’s on my wish list to meet him someday, I’m sure I’ll be speechless if it ever happens

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  4. See that I wished I did too because now I have sooo much to see and I am overwhelmed… I really hope you will, know the feeling of wanting to meet someone so much!


  5. Oh don’t be overwhelmed! Just keep doing like you are, one movie and then one series at a time and enjoy the ride 😊 I suggest starting with the original tv series after the films (especially watch The Trouble with Tribbles)

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