Star Trek: First Contact (1996)


Release Date:jerrygoldsmith-startrek-firstcontact-originalmotionpicturesoundtrack_zps205a25aa November 1996

Time: 1h 51min

Director: Jonathan Frakes

Cast: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton (full cast)

My Rating: 7/10 egcpdz


Captain Picard and the crew on the Enterprise takes us back to the past, to the day earth had its first contact with aliens and everything changed. The Borg is trying to prevent this event from happening and it’s now up to the crew on Enterprise to stop the Borg and let earth have its first contact with outer space. The only way to stop the Borg is help from a “soon to be” legend. 

It didn’t take long before the main story began which was very pleasant. It wasn’t a dragged out, uninteresting pre-story/intro as in Star Trek V and I really liked that. I often nag about movies not having a coherent storyline and I’m glad I don’t have to say that this time (yes this time…). I really felt the Sci-Fi and since I’m a huge fan of Sci-Fi movies I became a fan of this one as well. Yeah, I really adore this Star Trek (haha was about to write Star Wars) movie.

star-trek-first-contact-zephram-cochran-will-riker-geordi-la-forge-james-cromwell-jonathan-frakes-levar-burtonIf I now have to criticize something I guess it would be that all the “main” characters (do not know if there’s actually main characters in this one) were in different places. This can be a little tricky because movies that have characters in different places often tend to have an un-coherent storyline. In this case every story led to the same thing which was very good but I felt like there were too many stories. Data was somewhere, Riker somewhere, Picard somewhere, the man with the weird eyes star-trek-viii-first-contact-18-4somewhere… yeah you understand what I’m saying. I would have liked to see them more together. Another thing that was a little confusing for me was some flashbacks or memories Picard had, and I’m guessing it had something to do with the Star Trek: The Next Generation series that I haven’t watched… Although overall I would say that it was an interesting and exciting movie and I really suggest you go and watch it, right this second. Have a great day!



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