The Jungle Book (2016)


Release Date: April 2016

Time: 1h 45min

Director: Jon Favreau

Cast: Neel Sethi, Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Scarlett Johansson (full cast)

My Rating: 7/10 monkey-98455_960_720

The panther Bagheera finds baby Mowgli in the jungle and takes him to the wolves where he will grow up. One day Shere Khan finds out there is a human amongst the animals and his only desire is to kill Mowgli. Bagheera will now have to take Mowgli to the human village, but Mowgli encounter Baloo and for once he feels accepted for who he really is. 

tumblr_o5p1579zjm1rstn0po3_540Disney, Disney, Disney… You have done it again! The Jungle book was another of Disney’s remake from animation to real people/animals. Or perhaps as real as Disney can be. I love
these Disney in irl movies, specially Cinderella (2015). This movie was however not really like the animated Jungle Book (1967), the story was a little different. Nevertheless did I enjoy both of them very much! We followed Mowgli who behaved more like a human and invented all sorts of things, and he struggled with being different. This Mowgli was therefore rather different than the animated Mowgli. Neel Sethi was resplendent, especially for being so young. I am truly impressed.

tumblr_o5nedr4upq1ulqlnyo9_r4_250The movie had a very good mixture between light and dark, happy and sad, fun and serious scenes. It could have been one of those movies with just dark, depressing scenes and I am super thankful that this movie didn’t come near that. The environment was absolutely wonderful and the songs prefect (although Itumblr_o5nedr4upq1ulqlnyo2_r1_250 do prefer them in Swedish). My thoughts about King Louis being gigantic are mixed, I like the idea at the same time as I think it was a little weird. Another thing I came to like was that they made Kaa (the snake) female because the lack of women in this movie was pretty enormous. Anyway, the movie is great and if you like Disney I would definitely recommend you to watch it.

I’ve done a review on the animated Jungle Book movie from 1967, if you want to read it you can click here!



8 thoughts on “The Jungle Book (2016)

  1. Great review! I found this movie to be Disney’s best live action remake so far. However, I agree with your thoughts on King Louie, and I also found his rendition of “I wanna be like you” forced and awkward.

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  2. Awesome!! Well you can always ask me via e-mail, i have loads of great tricks and tips to send over and you can ask me anything about the site if you are having trouble 🙂

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