Movie and POP! Haul

I most rarely buy movies for full price since I think they are way too expensive. So when my “local” website where I buy movies have sales I splurge (as much as I can). There were some special deals last weekend and I took the opportunity to  buy some movies and Funko POP! because I’m a collector of them both. Poor poor wallet… 

I have not seen Did You Hear About the Morgans? but I asked my mom if it was good and she said yes so I gambled, it was also cheap. Delivery Man I have however seen twice and I love the movie. I was going to buy it online but it was sold out and I found the last one in a grocery store, it was a magic moment.


I think Ant-Man is a marvelous superhero and I really relish the movie. This is also my first steelbook (I know shame on me for not owning one and being a film collector)!! I think it looks amazing but the side does not have the movie title on it and that is a little annoying because I stack them next to each other. How will I now know which movie it is?! When it comes to Spider-Man I must say that he is one of my favorite Marvel character and I love both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. I actually have the first Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but this collection was cheaper than if I would buy the rest individually. The cover is also amazing!!



Okay, so I might have all the Harry Potter movies in DVD… The issue is however that my 5th movie is broke and the first DVDs did my family buy when they were released (from 2001 and forwards). The quality is therefore not really that good, I mean this was a time when Blu-Ray did not exist. Yes, it was a dark time (I actually did grow up with VHS as well). This box was on sale and I would pay less for it than buying individually movies.


Lastly I have my two new POP! vinyls. I am a collector of these and if I could I would buy them all!! I love the Flash series so it was obvious for me to buy him, I would love to have unmasked Flash but he is far too expensive, I mean I have already problem buying these with a cheaper price #hardbeingastudent. The Flash colors are however wrong comparing to the picture on the box. It looks like he comes in different colors of red (like in the series) but he is just in one red. I find this very bad because it gives the buyer a wrong impression, I feel a little tricked. Yoda looks however like Yoda, absolutely AWESOME!




4 thoughts on “Movie and POP! Haul

  1. That Ant-Man edition looks awesome! I really want to see this again soon, but I still have to buy it… I also really have to start getting into POP’s. I currently only have one, a Hodor and he’s amazing hahaha

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  2. Yes it looks absolutely amazing! Haha the first one is always special but I need to warn you, after I bought my second one I became addicted. I used to be happy with just one… 😀


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