All 12 Star Trek Movies


I’ve finished my Star Trek marathon and it has been profoundly thrilling and entertaining.  If I would choose between Star Wars and Star Trek I would have to say Star Wars, even though these Star Trek movies were very good (but I do not really have to choose now do I!? ;D ). My favorite movie of the 12 was definitely Star Trek (2009). I also thought the second movie, fourth movie, eighth movie and the twelfth movie was awesome. I thought I would do a post where I linked all the reviews if any of you missed one or basically would like to read any of them. This will definitely not be my last movie marathon, I actually have one coming in the near future. Yeah, which movie could it be?!? Very very exciting…

ST1     ST2     ST3     ST4

ST5     ST6     ST7     ST8

ST9     ST10     ST11     ST12



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