Just Go with It (2011)


Release Date: February 2011

Time: 1h 57min

Director: Dennis Dugan

Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, Nicole Kidman (full cast)

My Rating: 7/10 cocktail_256


After a handful of lies Danny, his girlfriend and his pretending family (which are his assistant Katherine and her two kids) travels to Hawaii. There is no better place to establish the family ties than Hawaii and now Danny and Katherine has to do anything to keep up the lie about their fake relationship. Although, it seems like paradise can let people see the better in each other and create new wonderful ties. 

hawaiifilmI am a sucker for romantic movies and I am certainly not ashamed to say it! I just love how two people are meant to be together and how everything falls in to place when they both realizes it, and then they live happily ever after. I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one! This is absolutely one of those typical romantic movies with some clichés and happy endings. It doesn’t matter which movie Adam Sandler is in, because he always makes it funny and puts the c in comedy. I usually love the romantic movies Adam Sandler’s in because he assemble two genres and makes a perfect movie. It is also a huge bonus that Jennifer Aniston is in this one as well, considering that she is an amazing actress. She and Adam Sandler were the highlights of this movie.

The whole story or lie was very unrealistic which might be a downside to the movie. It washawaiifilm22 pretty easy to know how the movie would follow through and what would happen in the end. Although, the whole environment absolutely made me forget that because I just though about how pretty Hawaii was and how much I would like to go there. It is pure paradise!! If you want a feeling of paradise, then you should definitely watch this movie!





8 thoughts on “Just Go with It (2011)

  1. Will add it to the list. Have you seen 50 First Dates? It’s also shot in Hawaii funnily enough. Are we just paying Adam Sandler to go on holidays?

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  2. I love the movie as well. It’s a shame that we live in a time where Sandler is always being bashed (though I get why), because he can still make good movies every now and then. I feel that for every That’s My Boy he makes, there’s a Just Go With It around the corner. Very unappreciated movie.

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  3. Saw this on a date. While I didn’t hate the movie, it still felt like a typical Adam Sandler flick. Except this time, with J-Aniston. Nice review.

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  4. This is a fun remix of the wonderful 1970 comedy Cactus Flower, which won Goldie Hawn an Oscar. It’s enjoyable with lots of giggles and a few outright laughs, and I loved it when Nicole Kidman got involved in a coconut dance duel with Jennifer Aniston!

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