Today Is A Big Day!


Eurovision Song Contest is for all countries in Europe and around 40 countries contributes each with a song. People from all around the world can vote (chargeable) for the country they thought was best, you can however not vote for your own country. This is extremely popular in Sweden and I promise that almost our whole population will be starring at the television tonight. 

Yes, the day has come… eurovision-22It is finally time for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and this year it’s in my country (Sweden) because we won with Måns Zelmerlöw’s “Heroes”. Sweden tributes with Frans If I Were Sorry and I do not have high hopes for the song, I do however really like it.  The two songs I’m rooting for are “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” by Donny Montell (from Lithuania) and “J’ai cherché” by Amir Haddad (from France). I do not speak french so I can just understand the chorus because it’s in english but the song just sounds great and sometimes that is enough. I have not fully listened to all the songs but I do like Spain and Czech Republic too!!

esc2016-programledare-500x250-206672fe3dI have to say that I find it a little strange that the hosts always have to translate to french when they are speaking. I would definitely say that english would be more than enough, since there always are commentators from each country that translates. Imagine the time we would save… Another thing that I find a bit weird and perhaps wrong is that Australia competes this year again, I mean the first time was fun but this is for European countries and I have to say that Europe does not have many things that are just theirs/ours… I am nevertheless very excited for tonight and I hope it will be magical! May the best country win, or should I say song.

If you want to listen to all the songs you can check them out on Spotify.

Click here to read more about Eurovision 2016.



10 thoughts on “Today Is A Big Day!

  1. I got learn about Eurovision for the first time last month (a visiting scholar came to the university and talked about it). I admit I’d never heard of Eurovision before then, but now I wish I’d known about it sooner because it looks amazing! (If only American Idol had been this cool, I’m jealous!)

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  2. Haha it’s amazing, some countries in Europe doesn’t care about it but Sweden are crazy, we have the most contests before this grand final. It is really fun actually, heard it was going to be sent in America for the first time this year!


  3. Black Smoke? Don’t remember which country that was from… I really liked Lithuania, France and Australia was also amazing!


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