Comic Con Here I Come!

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I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!! I’m literally freaking out right now, this is so amazing. Last Monday I went in to see when Comic Con usually takes place in San Diego and New York because one of my dreams is to visit one of them (preferably both) and it’s definitely on my bucket list. I saw that MCM London’s Comic Con will take place this weekend (27-29 May 2016) and I was thinking how amazing it would be to go to it. I started looking up flights and other stuff but it was still just a big big wish. Then I told my best friend (she is basically my other half) and she was like “Yes, let’s to this!” so we booked both flight and hotel.

It’s a freaking dream coming true and I’m super excited! I could not wish for a better friend that would go with me to this. I have only been to one Comic Con, it was last year and it was in Malmö (a city in Sweden) and it was really tiny but I liked it anyway. I’m therefore super hyped about this one in London. There are also some celebrities there, like Jesse Eisenberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, Elizabeth Henstridge etc. I would love to take a photo with Kunal Nayyar because I love The Big Bang Theory and I love him, but one photo was 70 freaking pounds… I was super sad when I realized that I couldn’t spend that much money on a photo.

I will publish photos and talk about my experience when I come home and perhaps do a Comic Con or London haul, depending on how much I’m buying. I will be gone this Sunday and Monday so hopefully a post will be up on Tuesday. I’m going to schedule a post for Sunday since I’m not able to write for approximately three days. Once again, SUPER EXCITED!!



9 thoughts on “Comic Con Here I Come!

  1. I would’ve but apparently years ago, my mates mum decided to give birth to him. So now I have to go out aha I know right? Be cool about it man! Can’t wait to see the pics of your trip. That’ll help me decide weather to go this October or not.

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