#2 ZBOX – Marvellous

This is my last ZBOX which feels a little sad actually. It took ages for it to arrive but it was definitely worth the wait. This month was Marvel themed and the content was over my expectations. I enjoyed every single item and the box was absolutely marvelous. My favorite item in the box must have been the Black Panther POP!, I love him. If I’m correct one could have gotten either Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Crossbones or Falcon. I’m super happy that I got Black Panther. The print on the T-shirt was also gorgeous. I also got Iron Man from the Bag Tags blind bag, like they knew Iron Man’s my favorite. I got mine for half the price (£10) but the ordinary price is £20, if you want to read more about the ZBOX or subscribe to it then you can click here.




2 thoughts on “#2 ZBOX – Marvellous

  1. I have only had two and one was disappointing and the other one (this one) amazing! For me the delivery made me stop the box because it took way too long… 😁


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