Comic Con London 2016 (May 29)



I’m now home from an amazing experience and I’m just overwhelmed. Firstly I just feel like I need to mention that I’ve had limited internet this past days and therefore not been able to read all posts and comment your blogs. I did my best but I’m just apologizing if I missed something or someone. Now on to my experience!

May 29 2016 was a big day, and I’m so happy I took this trip to London to experience this beautiful event. There were plenty of people there but I didn’t let that, nor the fact that I had slept for approximately 5 hours, stop me from seeing all that Comic Con had to offer. There were plenty of different tables which sold all kinds of things like T-Shirts and Asian candy. I had a very difficult problem with not buying everything. I mean you should have seen how strong I was. I’m the person who really likes having gadgets and all kinds of things to everything I love and therefore these conventions becomes a little struggle. I actually bought some stuff but I will show you that in the next post (how exciting right!?!).

I don’t feel like there were an enormous amount of people who was dressed out but there were still a handful of different characters. I really liked seeing how much effort people had put into their costumes and I think they all looked amazing!! I think I’m going to dress up someday, hopefully soon. Even if this Comic Con was awesome my ultimate goal is still to visit a Comic Con in either New York or San Diego. That goal is not really in my reach yet, but someday it will be.

It was a little hard to take pictures because there were a pretty high tempo but I managed to take some!


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