Comic Con/London Haul

Hola all amazing people reading this! It’s time to show you what I got from MCM Comic Con London 2016! They did not really have any exclusives for that Comic Con (don’t think any MCM comic con have that). Although, they had my 11th Doctor Who exclusive POP! and I was literally screaming when I saw it because that was the POP! I wanted most in the world. It is expired and is therefore only possible to buy for a pretty high price. It was between this one and Sheldon (whom is also expired, so sad) but the 11th Doctor was a little cheaper. They did however cost more than regular POP!’s and I therefore decided just to buy one. Other than that I must say I was really fancying blind bags/boxes, don’t really know why actually.

I also bought some stuff the next day in London, but I have written on the photo what’s from Comic Con and not. I would definitely say this was a success and I’m really happy with what I bought (mostly my POP! though, he is absolutely awesome, you should have seen my reaction when I saw him)!




9 thoughts on “Comic Con/London Haul

  1. That Groot-thing is seriously adorable! I have the first volume of Spider-Man as well, but I haven’t read it yet as I’m still reading Superior Spider-Man. But I really like that series so I reckon that this one will be great as well 😁 Great haul!

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  2. Tennant was actually in St. Louis for a convention (he almost never comes to the states for conventions) and I wanted to go so bad but I could not afford tickets *sighs* someday maybe…


  3. Oh yeah definitely, I have all six volumes, though I have read to about halfway the fourth volume. I can really recommend it as it’s an enjoying read and a different Spider-Man really. It is a continuation of the previous Spidey-series, but they explain what happened at the end of that series so you shouldn’t worry about not being able to follow. It’s really good 😄

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