Zootopia (2016)



Judy Hopps always wanted to be a police officer and she never let her size stop her, nor the fact that she’s a bunny. By believing in herself and fighting for her dream she becomes the best in her class and receives a job as a police officer. During work she meets a fox named Nick and he will be the one helping her finding the missing animals that has gone mad. New friends will be found, mysteries solved and we will see how even the smallest animals can achieve big things. 

tumblr_o7ue9bju7l1rc3z3ro2_r1_500It took some time but now I have finally seen Zootopia! I do see why people liked it so much because I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I really liked Nick & Judy and their relationship to each other, those two are a great combo. I probably have to say that Nick was my favorite character in the movie, I jus really relished tumblr_o7t1a7ufpx1qb0i4vo8_250his humor and seeing him be confident at the same time as he was vulnerable. I also have to say that I loved Flash and Clawhauser!! I thought it was good that they didn’t focus on plenty of characters, there were a good amount of time for the most relevant once.

The plot was interesting and eventful but I must say that I had a hard time seeing the villains motive for committing the crimes. It was explained but quite vaguely if you ask me. That was probably the only downside to the movie. Other than that I must say that the environment was amazing and I also loved the song “Try Everything” by Shakira. I did actually know the lyrics so I could sing along, which was absolutely fantastic. Now we ask ourselves “Will there ever be a sequel and will we wait 10 years for it?



8 thoughts on “Zootopia (2016)

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it even if it wasn’t your fave! I actually watched it 3 times in a row (I’m committed)!!

    I was actually looking into it, I’m writing my first post at the moment, hopefully it will be good!

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  2. Loved this film. I’m hoping that they decided to work on a sequel immediately. I could watch the two central characters as proper cops for a few films to come.

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