Liebster Award #2!

Yay Liebster Award! This time the lovely Tom from Plainsimpletomreviews nominated me, check his awesome blog out, you will definitely not regret it!

Rules: Thank the one who nominated you –> Answer questions –> Make 11 new questions –> Nominate 11 other blogs –> Let them know it!

1. Favorite Disney Villain?

I’m not the person whom usually likes villains, I instead tend to hate them because they are mean, but if I must choose one it would probably be… Hades. I mean, he has blue hair!!


2. If you could put one film in a space capsule to be sent off to an alien planet, which would it be and why?

Oh wow, this was interesting and hard. I would have to go with The Avengers so the aliens would believe we had people with incredible powers that could defeat anyone so they would not dare to invade our planet.

3. Name a film that too few people have seen, but deserves to be watched.

I don’t know if many have seen Letters to Juliet but I feel like I always have to mention it since it is 100% one of my favorite movies, watch it!!


4. Will there ever be a truly great videogame-to-film adaptation? Has there been one already?

Tbh, I don’t play video games and I therefore do not care for the movies that are based on them, sad but true.

5. Which film deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth?

No one, we need the bad movies to remember mistakes that should never be made again. Although, I wouldn’t mind if Insurgent was deleted so I could just think about how amazing the book was instead of how bad the movie was.

6. Who was your first, or biggest, film/tv crush?

Hahaha I hope you’re ready…. The one and only Zac Efron! I am in the generation whom grew up with High School Musical and Troy Bolton was just the most gorgeous man alive. I mean, Zac Efron is eye candy times million.

7. Which film character’s job would you most want?

Perhaps Yoda, just train young students and it feels like he often just get to sit down and relax. It would also be cool to have Thor’s job as the ruler of Asgard, mohaha!

8. Would you rather watch paint dry or watch grass grow?

Well perhaps neither because I would get bored but if I have to choose then grass grow (even though I’m allergic to grass, haha…).

9. If it was Groundhog Day and you were able to choose a day to endlessly relive, which would it be and what song would be playing at 6:00 every morning?

Friday (because I like Friday’s) and the song would probably be Waka Waka by Shakira. I know it’s a random song and not even my favorite but there’s so much happiness to that song and I would just wake up and do the dance and then be happy for the rest of the day!


10. Hanks, Hardy or Hiddleston? (A big shout out to all the Toms out there!)

Tom Hiddleston because he owns it as Loki!

11. And finally, a favourite: which 5 actors/actresses would you have at a dinner party?

Definitely Matt Smith, Theo James, Amanda Seyfried, James Corden and Anne Hathaway! What an amazing dinner!

My questions: 
  1. Which song would describe your life the best?
  2. If you would become a superhero, which power would you have (just one) and what would your superhero name be?
  3. Who would your best friend be, Iron Man or Captain America?
  4. Gandalf knocks on your door, which favor does he ask you?
  5. You need a partner in crime, which famous movie character do you call and why?
  6. Which TV-show do you wish once and for all would come to its end?
  7. If you could go back and watch one movie for the first time at the cinema, which would it be?
  8. Which blog do you recommend everyone to check out?
  9. If you got an one way ticket then where would you go and why?
  10. Your favorite movie quote is?
  11. Which new language do you wish to learn?

I feel like everyone has already been tagged and if you haven’t I nominate you! I’m going to be a rule breaker and say that if you just want to answer my questions without nominating others or making new questions then you can do it! Since this is a democracy I’m going to let you choose what you want to do! 😀 If you do it, then please let me know because I would love to read your answers!!



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