Back to the Future Part III (1990)


Release Date: May 1990

Time: 1h 58min

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen, Thomas F. Wilson (full cast)

My Rating: 6,5/10 delorean-03-128

We left Marty McFly marty-mcfly-128 stuck in 1955 and now Dr. Emmett Brown (Doc) doc-128 has gone back in time in order to help him. By doing so he got stuck in 1885. Marty takes the DeLorean back to 1885 to help Doc, but while there both he and Doc encounter plenty of trouble. With their time machine broken Marty and Doc now have to find a way back to 1985, and try not to cause any more trouble by doing so. 

tumblr_lslgo2gyey1qhkat9o1_500I would say they were little out of ideas when they produced this one… I can’t really see a clear storyline, it was a bit hazy if you ask me. I thought it was good that Marty wasn’t stuck in 1955 for ages but unfortunately was they in the western way too long. I would have preferred if they changed the environment a little and time traveled more. I like it when they have to adapt to new surroundings and see either their younger or older selfs. In this Back to the Future there were very little about their relatives which I find slightly sad.

tumblr_mipg4z5zkf1qgs3bao3_250This movie had however a very interesting ending which I really liked. There were a lot going on and the question “Omg what is going to happen?” popped up a couple of times. Really one of the highlights of the movie, which was very pleasant. Another highlight of the movie was that  Doc finally was more in focus and also had a little love interest. Always nice to see him more, even if I also like seeing Marty. A little sprinkle of them both is however the best combo.

I must say that it has been very fun to see all the three Back to the Future movies and I really can see how great they are. I can’t believe I haven’t watched them before but I’m glad I have now. Hurray!!

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4 thoughts on “Back to the Future Part III (1990)

  1. Yeah I understand what you mean, I didn’t however fancy the second and third one but they are all unique and somewhat interesting!


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