Three Wishes Granted By The Genie

gienemedtextThe other day I thought about what I would wish for if I found a magical lamp, like in Aladdin. One is granted three wishes and one can not wish for people to come alive, nor making someone fall in love with you. I actually really tried to think hard about this and find the three best wishes I would ask for right now. This is mainly what I desire right now, of course I would wish for peace, happiness and for a better world but let’s disregard all that for a moment and think of just fun stuff for just me (haha selfish much?). Let’s imagine there is no war and everyone lives happy and equally. I find a magical lamp and The Genie grants me three wishes just for myself, then I would (for the moment) wish for these things:

1My first wish is to meet Matt Smith and when I do he tells me he’s going to be in a throwback episode in Doctor Who and I can be his companion. Matt Smith and I will fight Ice Warriors (I for some reason have a soft spot for them), and just have the best time ever (at least I will).

2My second wish is to produce one Marvel movie and make it really good. The movie will be a huge success and it will therefore be more normal for women to produce movies (especially action movies)!!

3My last wish is to have the opportunity to be a “world traveler” and visit all the countries I desire. I’m not sure if I want it to be work related, like taking photos in countries or perhaps producing movies in a lot of countries, or just for fun. It would however be awesome and that is also what I’m aiming for in the future.

If you want to you can make a post about what you would have wished for if you were granted three wishes or just comment it down below! Would love to see your answers!!




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